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+ Ocean Net Protocol

• More Leads

• More Revenue

• More Growth

Our Proprietary Strategy Casts A Marketing Net Over An Entire Ocean Full Of Your Customers.

Catching Their Attention.

Then Reeling In Massive Lead Flow.

We Turn Your Advertising Dollars into Profit

Like a slot machine that's rigged in your favor. Put $1 in, get $3 back. Every time.

Lead Generation

We attract your ideal prospects

through systematized advertising, nurturing, and conversion optimization. Designed to reach your prospect at every step of the customer journey.

PPC & Google Ads

The single fastest way to get more sales.

We craft highly persuasive messages and place them in front of your customers when they're most likely to purchase.

SMM - Facebook Ads

The most powerful Ad platform. Laser-focused targeting with over 2.7 billion users. We use attention-grabbing creatives and copy to stop your prospects while scrolling and nurture them from cold to sold.

Lead Generation

Get more sales on autopilot. Like having a 1:1 ratio of salespeople to prospects. We'll build an automated system that converts warm leads, boosts LTV, and increases client retention.

Strategic Consulting

Often the selection of which campaign to run is more responsible for the results you're getting than the campaign itself. For this reason we offer one-time and ongoing consulting services to select clients.

Reputation management

Social proof is the most powerful form of advertisement. 97% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchasing decision. We manage your online presence and turn bad reviews into raving fans.

DIY Campaigns

For a seriously "hands on" client, you have the option to enroll in one of our DIY lead gen courses, which shows you exactly what and how to generate your own leads with our proprietary systems. **Coming Soon**.

Direct Response Copywriting

Compel your readers to take action. The written word that plays into your prospects' deepest desires, fears, and needs. Prod their pain points and then give them the one thing that brings them relief. Your Product or Service.

A $1,000 Credit For Your First Consulting Call

Book Your FREE Discovery Call ($1,000 Value)

Warning: If you’re not really serious about your business and ready to grow… If you’re not willing to hire additional staff to help fulfill all of the new orders you’ll be bringing in… then this isn’t for you.

But if you’re ready to grow at all costs and invest in your business. If you love money, love advertising, and you want a strategic partner to help systematize your business…

Then schedule your call below. We’ll help take your profits to a whole ‘nother level.

Just so you know: This isn’t your typical strategy call (i.e. sales call). It’s a consulting call. This is a call to discover areas in your business where we can deploy our proprietary Ocean Net strategy to help you:

• Generate more leads

• Increase ROI

• Add more $$$ to your AOV (Average Order Value)

• Retain clients and increase their LTV (Lifetime Value)

• And create a whole network of ravings fans that spread word-of-mouth advertising

Currently we charge $1,000 per hour for consulting in 4 hour blocks. However, this deep-dive discovery call you’re scheduling will last just 60 minutes. And right now, it’s yours for free. But only if you take action before we fill all of our slots, or the month ends, whichever happens first.

Look… I know it sounds crazy, or too good to be true to give away that type of value for free. But I’m willing to bet that once we finish our call, you will want us on your team… giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors, day in and day out. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is. It’s as simple as that.



And how everything ties in together to create the perfecting marketing machine...

Target Market Deep-Dive

Uncover your prospects’ deepest desires, wildest dreams, and hot-button triggers that drive them to purchase. We use research tactics derived from the same principals used by the CIA to befriend and infiltrate the most guarded personalities in the world.

By stepping in their shoes, we know exactly where they’re going to be and when they’re going to be there. And since we know exactly what they want to hear, your company will be their only consideration to solve their problem and fulfill their desires.

Direct Response Copy & Design

All of that research has to be complemented by compelling copy that drives your prospect to take action and click “buy.”

We deploy advanced tracking solutions to reach your ideal customer through various mediums like display ads, social sites, email, and pretty much anywhere else your prospect can be found. This allows us to always deliver the right message at the right time, with an eye-catching design, no matter where in the buying journey they are.

Google Ads & Search Engine PPC

46% of all product searches begin on Google, so we like to start there and grab the low hanging fruit first.

We use our “Ocean Net Keyword Matrix” to target keywords that have the highest purchase intent. Then we block all useless keywords that don’t encourage conversions and drive up your ad campaign costs.

Naturally, not everyone converts right away. That’s why we use display ads and social media marketing to scoop up the ones who didn’t convert on the first go around.

Facebook Ads Campaign Setup & Management

Coined “interruption marketing,” Facebook is the “cold-calling” of internet marketing. Best used in addition to and strictly after Google Ads and indoctrination sequences. Social campaigns increase brand loyalty and increase conversions

And since you can laser focus your targeting on a network of 2.7 billion users, you have the power to reach your ideal customer before they even know they need you.

When combined with Search Engine Ad Campaigns, you have the holy grail of marketing.

Amazon PPC Campaigns

Often the most overlooked form of PPC advertising. If you have an e-commerce product for sale and you’re not utilizing the world’s highest-purchase intent search engine (Amazon), then you’re missing out on a boatload of sales.

Not to mention the almost absurd return on ad spend. I’d put numbers in here, but you wouldn’t believe it. If you’re curious to know more, ask me on our discovery call.

Sales Funnel Design & Creation

After you whet their appetite, you need a place to send buyers that are ready to whip out their cards and buy your product.

Using an unoptimized website and sales process is like throwing your advertising budget in the trash and setting the dumpster on fire.

A well-designed sales funnel not only ensures your prospect converts, but it has the potential to increase your average order value and cross-sell your product or services… Adding hundreds of thousands in profit to your bottom line with no additional spend on customer acquisition.

Done For You Tracking & Automation

Bad ad attribution can cause your ad costs to go through the roof. Without proper tracking, you continue to run mediocre campaigns and shut off winners that look like losers.

We’ve seen increases in the range of 300%-400% on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) just by having the proper tracking systems in place.

And we’ve witnessed good businesses die, and less-worthy competitors thrive, just by having the right system in place.

This is your lifeline. You don’t want to risk the overall health of your business to an amateur marketer.

Testing, Monitoring, & Refinement

In marketing, there’s only one way to know what works.

Testing, testing, and more testing.

We’ll provide you with the machine your business needs to create the kind of profits most business owners only dream of. But you can’t just “set it and forget it.”

You need someone to keep that machine well-oiled and running optimally. We continuously monitor to fix the bits and pieces that cause a bottleneck in your advertising profits.

We keep you up to date with status reports every step of the way to keep your KPIs and ROI in good health.

Book Your FREE Discovery Call ($1,000 Value)

If you’re sick and tired of seeing your hard-earned money wasted on ineffective advertising…

And you’re ready for the kind of marketing campaigns that will take your business to the next level…

Stop what you’re doing and click the button below.

We are a performance driven agency that strives to return $3 for every $1 spent on advertising. You won’t get an ROI like that anywhere else. Once we reach capacity, we will remove this offer. You can still take part in a discovery call with us, but we will charge our regular price of $1,000.

The ball’s in your court. Ready to skyrocket your sales and send your profits through the roof? Let’s chat.

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