New episodes every Wednesday

A podcast created because your time is too valuable to waste

on non-productive relationships and ineffective networking events. My goal is to breath life into your bottom line through strong, authentic relationships and sales strategies to multiply profit. Join me each week to learn new ways to connect.

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New episodes every Wednesday

A podcast created because your time is too valuable to waste

on non-productive relationships and ineffective networking events. My goal is to breath life into your bottom line through strong, authentic relationships and sales strategies to multiply profit. Join me each week to learn new ways to connect.

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18 August 2021

Amy Bell-Barroso considers herself to be a part of the raising “slasher” or “multipotentiality” trend. Her creative curiosity led her to explore a trifecta of interests spinning them into a successful, fulfilling career in Publishing, Design and Colour Psychology.

She is the Publisher, Founder, Creative Director and Chief Rainbow Warrior for United Colours of Design. A magazine helping creative professionals go from starving to THRIVING with meticulously curated content from Design Mentors, Business Experts, Lifestyle Columnists and inspiration through the Featured Artist Gallery, supports quantum growth in their business. She started this publication because she desperately wished there was a community and resource like this when she made her transition from the corporate world to the very challenging and unique world of creative entrepreneurship.

Amy also considers herself to be an Enchanted Graphic Artist, designing in the areas of marketing and advertising for over 30 years. Her design firm, White Lightning Communications has created enriched brand stories for many clients looking to add a little soul to their business.

For the last five of those 30 design years, she immersed herself in the psychology of colour by studying and becoming a practitioner and teacher of the Colour Mirrors Energy System. This is where she really began to understand that there is a much deeper conversation to be had about colour and how it impacts our designs, art forms, mood and journey on this planet. She now uses the psychology of colour to support her business clients in identifying auspicious colour selections and brand clarification as well as personal readings for those seeking spiritual awakening.

Amy lives just outside of Toronto Canada and is a proud mama to two fabulous young men who are now successfully and happily adulting… millennial style! She is also a kid-approved, super-fun step-mom to two more fabulous boys and Queen to the kindest, most supportive, loving King of her dreams.

In this episode, Tish and Amy touch upon the following topics:

  • The United Colours of Design Magazine
  • Choosing to run a magazine
  • Providing an online platform and resource for creatives
  • Once you know more, you do more"
  • How to leverage the magazine for collaborations

Learn more about how Amy Bell-Barroso can help your business. Visit

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Facebook: /UCoDMagazine

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LinkedIn: /in/%E2%9A%A1%EF%B8%8Famy-bell-1657bb16/

Instagram: @unitedcoloursofdesignmagazine


11 August 2021

Karen Russo is the award-winning author of The Money Keys and the creator of the Lead Your Money coaching experience. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurial women to eliminate struggle, upset, and overwhelm with money.

With her unusual blend of experience as an MBA from Columbia University, a top-selling salesperson, an accomplished corporate leadership trainer, and an ordained interfaith minister, Karen shares from over 25 years of success in business and personal growth.

Karen’s work has been endorsed by many, including Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Super Soul Sunday and Sharon Lechter, who selected Karen to contribute a chapter to Think and Grow Rich for Women. (the sex energy chapter!)

Tune in as Karen and Tish talk about the following topics:

  • Money loves rhythm
  • Let the money and the business follow the purpose, the values, the vision
  • Thinking about money with spirituality, beliefs and habits
  • "I am already wealthy"
  • Purpose = spiritual guidance + practical action

Get in touch with Karen Russo at

Get Social with Karen Russo:

Facebook: /TheMoneyKeys

Twitter: @KarenRussoAZ

LinkedIn: /in/RevKarenRusso

YouTube: /c/TheMoneyKeys


21 July 2021

Brian K. McNeill is The Sales Confidence Coach! He is also a 4xAuthor, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and the owner and founder of the following companies: The Sales Confidence Coach and Selling Your Services Academy.

Brian has been helping organizations, and individual entrepreneurs, and salespeople, to sell themselves and their services better than they ever have before, so that they earn more money than ever before. For more than 29 years, thousands of people all across the globe have been wowed and greatly benefitted by Brian and his sales methodologies.

Brian has a number of published books including The Shortcut! Asking for the Money: How anyone can close more sales, even you! and Why Rhinos Make Great Salespeople: featuring Mr. Randall the Rhino (it's a “Not Just for Children’s” Book)

In this conversation, Brian and Tish touch on the following topics:

  • Not sharing your services and solutions is an act of selfishness
  • Learning is proportionate to your earning
  • The golden referral question
  • The beauty of resilience and the resiliency test for entrepreneurs
  • A surefire lead-generating and money-making strategy

For more information about Brian K. McNeill and his services, visit and

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Facebook: /brian.k.mcneill

Twitter: @BrianKMcNeill

LinkedIn: in/thesalesconfidencecoach

Instagram: @thesalesconfidencecoach


7 July 2021

Cynthia James is a transformational coach and one of today’s brightest and best loved inspirational leaders, guiding people to make changes at a deep level for lasting healing. She excels as a speaker, coach, singer, and multiple award-winning author of What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence and #1 Amazon Bestseller for I Choose Me: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work.

Cynthia embodies the quote “I am not what I have done. I am what I have become;” and, she leads others to do the same. Her own life was transformed as she transcended a violent and abusive childhood. Through education and personal healing, she created the foundation for all her programs. Her work in self-care strategies and emotional integration support adults and teens internationally.

Ms. James has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars and keynotes, including: Omega Institute, Celebrate Your Life, Woman Arising, the Gift in Shift, the Colorado Behavior Healthcare Council, the Women’s Success Forum, the Children’s Hospital, the School of Mines in Denver, Spirit One Seminars, LeadingAge, and many others. Cynthia’s most recent programs and tools include: Advanced Awareness Coaching, offering depth, focus and results for high level business leaders and Emotional Integration support for leaders, coaches and therapists.

Cynthia has led workshops in England, Switzerland and Ireland; and, she has led a myriad of pilgrimages to various spiritual locations in France, Peru and Italy. She was also associate minister at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado for 11 years.

In 2015, Cynthia and her business partner, Jean Hendry, created the Women Creating Our futures organization. Their programs and events support women, Internationally, to build the life and future they both desire and deserve.

In this episode, Cynthia and Tish talk about the following topics:

How she found the fearless woman inside

Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

How she saw her gift and potential through other women's eyes

Reinventing herself and never staying complacent

Networking is a gift / Meeting people with the same synergy

For more information about Cynthia and her work, head over to

Get Social with Cynthia James:

Facebook: /cynthiajamestransforms

Twitter: @Revcynthia

LinkedIn: /in/cynthia-james-~-international-coach-and-tedx-speaker

Instagram: @cynthiajames777


30 June 2021

Caryn Kent Dean, MLIS, CP APMP, Managing Partner, founded Once Upon an RFP in 2018, after 20+ years in the industry. She has consistently created order from chaos, working with businesses to stabilize and grow their revenues. She is passionate about strategically solopreneurs, small businesses -- really any business focused on clients B2B and B2Government -- with the right opportunities to serve and grow.

In this episode, tune in as Caryn and Tish talk about the following:

Finding joy in networking and connecting with people who need support

3 ways that Once Upon an RFP can help a business

Conquering fear and showing up with an open mind

Stop wearing all the hats in your business and leverage other experts

Developing relationships is key to winning RFPs

Reach out to Caryn and her team at

Get Social with Caryn Kent Dean:

Facebook: /onceuponanrfp

Twitter: /CarynKentDean1

LinkedIn: /in/caryn-kent-dean-cp-apmp-bid-and-proposal-tamer

Instagram: @onceuponanrfp/


23 June 2021

Carey Conley is dedicated to helping you identify your dreams and goals through Vision building and to achieve those goals through discovering your Purpose. She believes that success in life is about following your true passion and knowing what impact you are here to make in the world.

Carey draws from more than 2 decades of experience in growing two businesses, decades of being a wife and mom, and her personal journey of life tragedies that she shares with her audience. She not only can relate to her audience why having a clear vision and purpose is the bottom line to professional success, but how it becomes the anchor in all the storms of life. It is through her joy and pain, through her success and struggles, that she offers you the greatest opportunity to create a clear path to your destiny by living in your Purpose.

Tune in as Tish and Carey talk about the following:

  • The importance of being clear about your vision and purpose
  • Consistency is the key to success
  • Outwitting the devil to realize our highest purpose
  • Association is everything

To learn more about how Carey Conley can help you, reach out via

Join the Facebook Group: Vision Driven Life

Get Social with Carey Conley:

Facebook: /carey.conley.3

LinkedIn: /in/careyconleyinc/

Instagram: /carey.conley/


16 June 2021

Brandy is a ridiculous shoes lover, tech fangirl, clarity bringer and recovering know-it-all. At FieryFX, her marketing & consulting agency, she helps female-led businesses leverage websites, analytics, smart business & technology to grow… with ease. From SEO to PR, WordPress to Google Workspace and all the options in-between, Brandy helps decode it so you can use it to effectively Leverage Your Spark.

In today's episode we talk together about:

  • Amplifying your marketing efforts online
  • Stop overwhelming clients and instead lead them
  • Asking for support & recognizing the power of community
  • Staying in the room even when it's uncomfortable
  • Show up vulnerable to networking
  • Don't bring your armor to the party
  • Seeing and being seen

Connect with Brandy on her website at:

(This episode is a replay of Episode 25, published in January 27, 2021)


9 June 2021

Networking is the entry point for your sales process and prospecting is an important part of sales. This week’s episode provides valuable tips from Tish for maximizing your networking time and prospecting in a way that will help you build better relationships while closing sales faster and more consistently.


2 June 2021

Amber Griffiths is a Maker of Legends, and Brand Strategist of Your Brand by Design. She is a bestselling author, international speaker and sought-after Strategist to A-List and soon-to-be A-List players. A bona fide RockStar, Amber is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs to develop a brand that moves them from unknown to unforgettable and establish them as Legend.

Amber works with individuals who are committed to creating deep, genuine connections with their Ideal Clients and are looking to deliver an unforgettable experience that matters. They understand that it is by building higher-impact connections in a brand aligned manner that they can increase their profits and dramatically impact lives. They see the importance of being intentional with their marketing with specific attention to their Brand presence and are committed to a vision that matters.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Confidence and evolving in your business
  • Stop living with "fine" and don’t put caps on what you can do
  • Owning your truth
  • Getting loud with purpose
  • Elevating your network

To learn more about Amber, visit:

(This episode is a replay of Episode 10, published in October 13, 2020)


26 May 2021

Dr. Nadia Brown is a sales strategist, consultant, trainer, and founder of The Doyenne Agency. A sales agency who works with business owners, companies, and corporations to multiply revenue and awaken the consistent closer within their sales teams using the Consistent Sales Method™.

Dr. Nadia brings over fifteen years of experience in leadership, powerful conversations, achieving goals, and respect for people to develop a comprehensive sales process to increase closing rates and satisfied client retention.

Dr. Nadia’s clients have seen massive results, such as raising their rates, decreasing their refund requests, and doubling or tripling their annual revenues, including helping a client increase their annual revenue by 800%.

In this episode, Tish and Dr. Nadia talk about the following topics:

  • Collaboration instead of competition
  • Closing sales with confidence
  • Why it's difficult to be authentic
  • Finding connections in mastermind groups
  • Approaching entrepreneurship with an experimental attitude

Free Gift: Courageous Conversations that Convert Checklist. Get your copy at

Check out Dr. Nadia Brown at for more information.

Get Social with Dr. Nadia Brown:

Facebook: /TheDrNadia

LinkedIn: /in/drnadia

Instagram: @iamdrnadia

Twitter: @iamdrnadia


19 May 2021

After 30+ years in the corporate environment, Jeff Newkirk decided to strike out on his own and started Understandable Solutions in November 2019. He coaches business owners and individuals seeking growth and improvement in financial performance, as well as leadership.

While financial performance is incredibly important, Jeff believes that there is always a story behind the numbers. This is especially apparent in his leadership presentations:

- The 13 Absolutes of Leadership,

- 12 for ’21

- Communicate with Compassion and Persuasion.

In May 2020, Jeff published his first book, “Understandable Solutions, Confessions of a Forensic Financialist.” He followed up with his podcast “The Forensic Financialist” where he discusses business issues and interviews leaders in business consulting and coaching. The podcast has also become an avenue to explore leadership principles, professional growth, and interview inspiring guests.

Jeff gives credit where credit is due. His wife of 32 years, Dian, has been the consummate partner throughout his career. Jeff and Dian have three grown children, son Payton, 21, and twin girls, Emma and Mary, 19. They reside in Spring.

In this episode, Tish and Jeff talk about the following topics...

  • Communicating with intention
  • Everything aligns when your faith is greater than your fear
  • We're here to add value to other people
  • We have the opportunity to learn from all situations

Learn more about Jeff's services by visiting

You can also reach out to him via

Get Social with Jeff Newkirk:

Facebook: /understandablesolutionsbusiness

LinkedIn: /in/jeffreyanewkirk

Instagram: @understandablesolutions

Twitter: @understandablesolutions


12 May 2021

Dr. Shamieka Dean is the CEO of Shamieka Dean Enterprises, a global fully comprehensive business solution for emerging and executive-level business owners. She is the founder Founder of Map to Millions and Next Level Business Academy.

Dr. Shamieka Dean, Award-winning business owner and Youtube Influencer,. With over 60,000 followers across multiple social media platforms, she's made her stamp as an influencer, innovator, and income strategist.

In just 3 years, she’s taken over 4,000 people through her courses and programs helping them to create profitable products and scalable services. She has proudly helped some of her clients generate over six figures in their business. She is wildly known for her alliterations, acronyms and analogies used to develop replicable, profitable, and duplicable success using her signature framework, the 90/10 Formula ™ where she helps her clients automate 90% of their profit so that they can work only 10% of the time and her Cash before Creation™ methodology that shows her clients how to prove the profitability of their product before they produce it.

Dr. Shamieka Dean’s goal is to help clients increase their profit margin, decrease their revenue risks and secure a scalable solution.

In this episode, Tish and Dr. Shamieka talk about the following...

  • Authenticity attracts audience
  • Rejection is redirection
  • Being grateful for our accomplishments but also searching for greater things
  • What you connect to matters / Covenant connections are currency
  • We evolve and may contradict past belief systems
  • Prioritize self-care

To learn more about Dr. Shamieka Dean and her services, visit

Get Social with Dr. Shamieka Dean:

Facebook: /shamiekadean

LinkedIn: /in/drshamiekadean

Instagram: @drshamiekadean


5 May 2021

This is a very special episode. This is our very first Mother’s Day episode and what a treat it is! This week Tish interviews her three adult sons, Derrell Peoples, Lavell Jones, and Charles Times. In this vulnerable session, Tish asks her sons to describe their thoughts about being the children of an entrepreneur. Tish shares pieces of her story such as when she was forced to close her once successful, million-dollar staffing company and lost everything in the process. They discuss the highs and lows of business and most importantly the struggles of watching parents fight tooth and nail for their dreams, especially when it seems as though it is a losing battle.

Derrell, Lavell, and Charles share how Tish’s journey has impacted their own entrepreneurial endeavors the most as well as what lessons they have learned over the years.

If you have had struggles while building your business, this is an episode you definitely want to listen to. If you wonder what your children might be learning as they watch you persevere, definitely tune in. Whether or not you are a Boss Mom - your heart will still be warmed and encouraged as you hear this precious conversation.


28 April 2021

Transparent. Raw. Charismatic. Down to earth. Authentic. Empowering.

For over 25 years Sharise has been coaching, leading, teaching, ministering, and speaking into the lives of women in her community, her church, at conferences, on her job, in a parking lot, or wherever she feels the tugging of her spirit. The interesting thing is that Sharise would tell you that she is an introvert and loves to go unnoticed sitting over in a corner somewhere. However, sparks ignite when she gets a microphone in her hand, a computer keyboard under her fingertips, or someone feeling defeated in her presence. Sharise uses her real-life experiences to help women transform their pain and disappointments to power, realizing their individual uniqueness. Her mission is to coach women along their journey from dysfunction to destiny and launching into the stratosphere of success. She has a unique way of getting your attention and speaking to your heart!

In today's episode you will learn about:

Break the mold to become the real you

Stand in your truth

Stop striving and just be

Embracing the entire journey to success

Show up through the trials of life

Taking time to heal

Learn More about Sharise at: or

(This episode is a replay of Episode 16, published in November 25, 2020)


21 April 2021

Darnyelle is the award-winning business growth speaker and strategist of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, a multi-million-dollar coaching and consulting brand. Best known for transforming the lives of her business coaching clients and live event attendees, Darnyelle equips her clients to leverage and scale businesses that serve them financially and spiritually. By combining mindset, messaging and marketing with sales, systems and scale, Darnyelle can take you from nearly six figures to seven figures in record time all while deepening your connection to God and strengthening your faith.

Darnyelle is a 7-time best-selling author, the creator of 5 powerful business systems and the host of the Leverage Your Incredible Factor Podcast.

There are so many great things you will learn in this episode but here are few of the highlights:

Faith, surrender, and consistent action

Having God guide and be part of your business.

Letting go of the good to become great.

Vantage Points to Vision Points

Leaving behind scarcity mindset

To learn more about Darnyelle, visit:

(This episode is a replay of episode 9, published in Oct 2020)


14 April 2021

Kristy Honsvick is an internationally sought out content strategist who sets new standards for content innovation strategy and raising the bar on how to show up online and in social media. She teaches the organic strategies that people need to know to get their message in front of a lot more people.

Kristy has worked with amazing small business owners to increase reach and engagement organically by over 1,700% and how to create greater profitability with their content.

She lives in Salt Lake City with her hot husband and 3 kiddos. When she's not at home, she's probably in the mountains with a true-crime novel and peanut butter M&M's.

In this episode, Tish and Kristy talk about...

  • The true goal in networking that people often fail to see
  • How everything shifts when you start believing in your mission
  • Incredible opportunities that come with owning a business
  • The power of content repurposing
  • Why you need to stop networking for the sales

If you're interested in working with Kristy, reach out to her via or by joining her Facebook Group Content with Kristy.

Get Social with Kristy:


Instagram - @getsimplyonline

Instagram - @kristyhonsvick


7 April 2021

Authors worldwide write better thanks to editorial guru and authorpreneur, Tenita C. Johnson. Perfecting manuscripts for hundreds of best-selling authors, she’s on a mission to end the prominent everyday abuse of the English language and rectify punctuation pet peeves.

As the founder and CEO of So It Is Written, LLC, Tenita collaborates with industry professionals to take manuscripts to the marketplace, positioning authors for success in the literary world. Well known by many as a human spell check, noun nerd and grammar police, she proudly wears the badge of honor to correct and serve. Dubbed the editor’s editor, and the book bully by many, she empower aspiring authors to write from the editor’s point of view to save time and money in the self-publishing process.

Tenita positions writers as experts in the industry, empowering them to create their own writing/editorial business and thus, develop multiple streams of income.

In this episode, Tish and Tenita talk about the following...

  • To gain confidence, keep doing what you need to do
  • The mind has to stretch beyond what it has been before
  • Shifting the mindset to shift our lives
  • Who you hang around is who you become
  • Finding your purpose -- there's a greater plan at work
  • You need to become tenacious
  • What you prioritize is what will prosper

To connect with Tenita, visit or email

Get Social with Tenita:






8 September 2020

Sharon Heller is a successful executive and leadership coach, master networker and a community builder at heart. As a Network in Action owner and facilitator, Sharon dedicates her time to Denver’s thriving business community, supporting business owners and professionals to accelerate their success through her keen ability to connect the right people with each other. A mother of two, Sharon also gives her time to a worldwide meditation center as a facilitator and program developer.

What you are going to love about this episode is the pureness with which Sharon shares her journey to confidence. She has broken through barriers of self-doubt with sincere authenticity and has developed a hugely successful business and large network by sharing who she is from the heart. This is a must-listen episode.

You can reach Sharon Heller at



I was so excited to introduce you to all o my wonderful colleagues and friends that I neglected to tell you ANYTHING about me! This episode is a very brief introduction to Tish Times and why Networking School is so important to me. I invite you to listen for a sneak peek behind the curtain of my life.


26 August 2020

What happens when two networking experts get together to chat?? Magic! Toni Harris Taylor is a genius when it comes to collaborating and creating community. In this episode, she tells us her story about developing confidence for networking and finding the right connections to take her to the next level.

When you listen - you can learn:

  • Why it is important to invest in yourself
  • How collaboration is ALWAYS greater than competition
  • How important it is to take DRASTIC STEPS to get out of your comfort zone
  • How learning how to network correctly will be a game-changer for your business!
  • If you implement what you hear - your business will never be the same!

Connect with Toni Harris Taylor at



19 August 2020

Lots of networking happens at conferences, right? In this week’s episode, A. Margot Blair tells her story which basically gives us a masterclass about having successful events. During our “mini-workshop” conversation you will hear

  • How to bounce back after losing thousands of dollars on an event
  • How to find sponsors to help underwrite a conference
  • How to prepare for the “ask” when approaching sponsors
  • How to be a “professional networking stalker” so you know how to connect better at events
  • Follow-Up tips so you don’t miss opportunities
  • How to conduct yourself when you are a speaker at a conference to make the most of your time in the room

Listen in and be inspired to turn your previous losses into a lucrative business.

You can contact A. Margot Blair on all social media platforms at @amargoblair or at


12 August 2020

Isha is the founder of Epiphany Institute – a personal development firm that helps people connect their purpose and passion to their profession. She specializes in helping coaches, consultants, authors and other experts build their platforms and personal brands so they can make a bigger impact on the world.

You can connect with Isha on your favorite social media networks and subscribe to her podcasts, Clear Talk and On Purpose with Isha Cogborn wherever you listen.

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