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A little help never hurt anyone; so why not check out our helpful tips to help you make your first date a night to remember!

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If you are ready to ace your first date...

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Stop wasting time going on dates that lead nowhere. Let us help you elevate your dating experience with our 31 helpful tips!



Set yourself up for success by being your own personal cheerleader! Hit the gym, freshen up, choose a great outfit, and chat with your friends!


Post Date

Send a message to say THANKS for an enjoyable evening, and let them do the rest! Relax and take it day by day and let the magic happen!


During The Date

Now is your time to show off your best self! Flirt, be a good listener, engage in great conversation and talk about yourself!


2nd Date!

When you DO hear back from your date, don't overdo it, but play it cool and allow yourself to make the decision if you truly do want to continue with a second date!

Why We Do What We Do

We want to help REAL people make REAL connections

Human Connections is a face-to-face matchmaking agency helping singles find their next long-term relationship. Over 23 years of combined experience, plus extensive knowledge of the exclusive London dating scene, our enviable and varied network of like-minded successful professionals ensures you only meet the people you really want to meet.

It's Time To Enjoy Dating Again

If you're ready to go on the best date of your life; we can help you! However, if you need some help finding someone that you want to go out with we can help there too! We offer a variety of memberships, webinars, and even a retreat to help you find the real connections you are looking to make.

Let us help you:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Find real connections
  • Enjoy dating again

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