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How To Create Impactful Web Design

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How to Create Impactful Web Design

When it comes to web design, there are so many directions and styles to follow. Your website can go in many ways, from minimalistic to classy, sleek to modern, or playful and vibrant. Your website’s final look and feel should exude a personal style, brand identity, and line of work. However, there are ground rules that apply to help create an impactful website.

The importance of a website can’t be overemphasized. On the internet, your potential clients and customers should be able to find you easily and quickly. Otherwise, the potential customers find someone else. But how do you achieve impactful web design?

Site Speed Should be a Priority

In the web design sphere, speed is one of the most debated facts about a website. Speed influences everything on your website, from your bounce rate, user satisfaction and revenue. One second on the internet is so valuable that if your site takes long to load, no one will stick around to wait for it. And because users care, so does the search engine, and they factor in page loading speed in their rankings. Aim to make your website as fast as possible.

Website Design Versatility

When we talk of your website’s versatility, we are talking about its ability to load as fast on a smartphone or mobile display as it does on the desktop. Get a website designer who can design your site to load on PC and Mobile phones and with high speed on both platforms. Today, almost 95% of people worldwide have smartphones and use them for browsing the internet. If your site can’t adapt to the mobile display and with the same speed, you are on the losing end.

Keep it Simple

Go with a simple theme and design. When it comes to a website, most users don’t like visual complexity. It might seem appealing to you, but it puts off the user. The irony is, the more complex your website design is, the less beautiful it is to visitors. Go for a single-column design instead of having a sidebar. This means having fewer distractions and a clear focus on the content. Another good idea is to go for a standard layout. People love familiar things and get weirded by non-standard site designs.

Use Visual Cues

One of the main functions of a website is to guide users. For impactful web design, do this by visual cues to focus where you want it to go. Use more direct visual cues. Did you know that people tend to look in the same direction as the people in ads? Use this to direct attention on your website to where you want it.

Have an obvious and self-explanatory web page. Remember, your website is a marketing tool. Get a local web designer who can sit down with you and discuss your business needs and marketing strategies.


The 4 Second Rule

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