An Accomplished and results-oriented professional involved in all aspects of Distressed property solutions including REO management, fast sales for the most profit, property marketing, contract negotiation, title processing, closing coordination, and post-closing activities.

She is Knowledgeable in the latest REO technologies used in asset management portals Res.Net, REO Trans Aspen Gove, and other asset management portals.

She is Well-versed in creating digital marketing campaigns using social media networks, as well as traditional print media outlets such as newspapers and magazines.

She has successfully negotiated purchase contracts with buyers for a variety of properties both residential and commercial.

An engaging communicator who builds long-term and trusting relationships with decisions makers and clients.

Who We Are?

Welcome - We are a national group of Homeowner Assistance Professionals, where our mission is to empower homeowners with the knowledge and support they need during challenging times.

As a certified group of real estate professionals, we specialize in providing comprehensive assistance to those who have missed mortgage payments. Or on the verge of missing their next mortgage payment.

© 2024 All Rights Reserved by Home Advocates Property Solutions.

© 2024 All Rights Reserved by Home Advocates Property Solutions.