Freedom Secrets

The “Secrets” to:

”Embracing Freedom in Your Future

and Freedom from your past!”

Start by asking yourself if you are completely free to be fully alive.

Sometimes we “go through the motions” of living because doing so saves us from stressful choices. It might even dull the pain from our past, but it also robs us of being fully engaged in life in the present.

Complete freedom to be fully alive releases what you might consider personal roadblocks. Examples of those include lack of money; lack of time; lack of work space; lack of support; or lack of all the right skills.

Each of those roadblocks is a rationalization for inaction. They are not roadblocks.

They are the children of mind blocks–those brain hang-ups that hold you back from thinking through life’s issues; mind blocks are to think like writer’s block is to writing — for example your memories of childhood abuse, the voices in your head telling you that you cannot do something because …, of the choice to procrastinate, lack of clarity, lack of focus, and a variety of fears.

Mind blocks create roadblocks. Freedom from mind blocks results in freedom from roadblocks. Removing your mind blocks results in the freedom to be fully alive. It removes your limits as you envision your future.

“Freedom from mind blocks

results in

freedom from roadblocks.”

Ada Lloyd

Embrace the freedom to be fully alive! It leads you to achieve each success you envision.

You are finally free, and finally fully alive now!

You know you are going to be well served by “Embracing Freedom in Your Future”. You may trust it will serve you well in achieving emotional freedom from your past and in becoming fully alive. You are ready to become FREE Now! Take the first step. Calendar your private 20-minute

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About Ada:

For over 40 years people have experienced Ada Lloyd sharing her firsthand experience and her story of childhood sexual abuse, enlightening a path for abused women and men from all walks of life.

As a speaker, writer, coach, and advocate, she provides tools and strategies which break the chains of childhood abuse. Embracing each individual’s path to hope and healing, she helps them achieve clarity and emotional freedom to claim their unique value as an individual.

This freedom from debilitating memories serves to silence the destructive voices holding them back.

Working with Ada, you come to know that you are not responsible in any way for the abuse you experienced as a child. It does not define you, nor does it define your future. Your frustration and hopelessness from unachieved goals despite your persistent efforts instead transform into hope and clarity embracing your purpose. You are confident in your ability to achieve what you choose to achieve.

This is a total transformation of self-perception and possibilities. It is a new day and a new world.

Individuals who work with Ada come to understand their unique value. They step into creating clarity and getting freedom. They pursue goals leading to the life they want as they create momentum to get there sooner.

Ada Lloyd encourages you and welcomes you to calendar a private 20-minute conversation with her. Click the button below.

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