Trustor— is a wireless solution for carrying any ID badge or security access card.

You can finally stop worrying about losing your badge or card and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

It's time to stop worrying about losing your ID badges—and start enjoying them again!

Wireless. Fast. Secure.

Smart ID badges and access cards we use at the workplace are often cutting-edge solutions created to ensure the safety of the employees, visitors, and patrons. But, the way we wear this advanced technology is significantly behind the modern times we live in. By relying on traditional cords and lanyards, we risk losing or damaging our cards and jeopardizing workplace safety. Not to talk about all the fumbling, hassling, bending over, or getting caught on other objects.

Meet Trustor, the state-of-the-art, revolutionary, and wireless way of wearing your ID badges and access cards. Slot them in, and enjoy moving around at your own pace.

Trustor - A Wireless Solution For Wireless Age

Trustor App Features

Trustor is the first wireless, wearable solution for carrying your badge or security access card. It's light and easy to use.

Superior Design and


Trustor is a wireless, pioneering solution for carrying any ID badge and security access card. Wear it on the clothing and enjoy its patented technologies, such as magnetic attachments and audible alerts.

Extra Protection

Trustor warns you with accelerating beeps when your badge or card is detached for longer than 10 seconds and at risk of getting lost.

Highly Mobile

Trustor frees you up from the tangles of traditional badge reels. Depending on the configuration, you can use it with your current lanyard or clip it on to your shirt pocket or belt loop.

Convenient & Modern

Any facility that requires the identification of its employees and visitors will benefit from Trustor's pioneering solution. By eliminating the typical frustrations of badge reels, your personnel will enjoy free movement during their daily activities. No more breaking, tangling, or not reaching where the attached badge, key, or access card needs to go. Instead, just pull to release – and easily replace.

How It Work?

Trustor changes how we wear and use our badges and access cards at the workplace. When your ID is detached, Trustor beeps one time for activation. If apart for more than 10 seconds, it alerts you that the ID is at risk of becoming lost, thus preventing security breaches. It continues to beep until the card is returned to the holder.

We Care About Your Safety

The latest technology ID badges and access cards are not enough to keep our employees and visitors safe. We need to wear and use them properly. With its revolutionary design, Trustor makes sure your identification documents are secure and efficiently accessed at any given moment.

No More Lost Badges & Access Cards

Security Reinvented

Trustor – the number one choice for your wireless ID badge access


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