embody confidence, heal toxic patterns & Step into your power so you can attract the love you truly deserve!

All You Need To Know to Feel Confident and worthy to

Attract a Partner Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Become the Irresistible and Magnetic Women that he keeps coming back for!

Hello Ladies,

Does this sound like you?

You're a busy, successful woman, who dreams of feeling cherished & adored in a loving relationship.

Right now, you yearn to feel more comfortable in your body and attract a quality man into your life.

So let me ask you a question...

How would it feel to be more confident in the bedroom? To fully own your sexuality and attract a partner who can grow with you?

Well, I can tell you, it’s not always easy for us women...

How frustrating is it when a man takes you out on dates & they never appreciate you? When you feel embarrassed & self-conscious in the bedroom?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel more safe & confident in my body?
  • Where do I find the right man to spend the rest of my life with?
  • How do I ask for what I want in intimacy?

Do you find yourself saying to your girlfriends :

"Why do I keep attracting the wrong men" or "I really want to fall in love"?

Sometimes it feels like the only guys you do seem to attract are unavailable men who have no respect for you.

I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself.

My guess is you just want to find somebody to love, someone who makes your whole world melt away.

You want to “do life” with your man. To travel the world with him. To have amazing sex, own your femininity & feel more comfortable in your own skin.

If this sounds at all like you, I'd like to introduce you to:

The “Embodied Love” Transformational Coaching Program

"Embodied Love" is a 8-week experience that takes you on a journey of deep self-love and acceptance, allowing you to feel more confident inside & outside the bedroom without having to date any more unavailable or unappreciative men.

This Program will allow you to:

  • Feel embodied & radiant in your own skin
  • Deepen your self-love - even if you have no time for yourself
  • Become the version of you that will attract the long term partner you desire
  • Learn to awaken your sexual essence & pleasure
  • Break through the cycles of negative thinking & self-criticism
  • Go from worrying & overthinking to feeling sexy & empowered in the bedroom.
  • Create a beautiful long-term relationship, no matter your previous history.
  • Learn to spot and avoid unavailable & disrespectful men.
  • How to ask for what you truly want in intimacy….and get it
  • Understand exactly how to find the right man today
  • Connect to your erotic orgasmic energy & channel it in every area of your life.
  • Deepen your intimate relationship with yourself & a partner

This program will:

  • Show you how to feel a deep sense of self-love, acceptance & confidence inside & outside the bedroom, no matter what your past experience might be.
  • Smash the myth that there are no good available men out there, and will teach you how to magnetise them instead.
  • Give you the keys to feeling more embodied and sexy in your own skin.
  • Become the best version of you to attract the long term partner you deeply desire
  • Show you how easy it is for successful women like you to create a loving relationship.
  • Teach you the secret to feeling more comfortable & accepting of yourself.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Ready to transform & deepen your relationship to self
  • Ready to to become the best version of you
  • Want to create an extraordinary and loving relationship
  • Want to break through the cycle of negative self-talk & criticism
  • If you are ready to take full responsibility for your actions and want to create a bulletproof mindset
  • How to ask for what you truly want in intimacy....and get it
  • Build your confidence, self-worth & self-esteem
  • If you want to deepen your intimate connections & awaken your sexual energy
  • If you are ready to do the deep inner work and feel empowered in your relationships
  • If you have subconscious limiting beliefs about Love, sex & relationships
  • If you are ready to transform your pain and turn it into your power!
  • If you are experiencing a Breakup & want to rebuild your life!

At this point you might be asking...

Who Is Jasmine Oh And Why Should I Listen To Her?

My name is Jasmine Oh & I’m a female Embodiment and Intimacy coach.

I’ve helped countless women activate their self-worth and create relationships and intimacy beyond their wildest dreams.

After spending a substantial part of my life believing that there was something wrong with me and attracting all the wrong men and relationships, I discovered a unique way of relating to myself and men by combining years of deep study and practicing a range of transformational modalities and teachings– including Tantric Vinyasa Yoga, Embodiment Dance Facilitation, Energy work, and Sacred Sexuality.

Before I’d always believed that external things like cosmetic beauty or the right man were the answer. Now I know that doing this inner work is the key to loving my body and attracting amazing relationships with beautiful, smart, and respectful men.

Here are some women who have already stepped into that embodiment:


"I joined the program after just coming out from a 10 year relationship & did not feel confident about myself at all. The program helped me remember who I am, learnt a lot about relationships, attachment styles, communication and also just to get to know myself better so I can become my empowered self again.

I am so thankful that I came across Jasmine’s program, it helped me heal with so much ease and guidance by having other women healing with me together.

After completing the program, I felt like I had found myself again. I felt like I know exactly what I want and that I have the energy to keep creating my life as I have imagined it. Just by going through different topics every week relating to self love & relationships, helped me see things that matter and recognize what needs to be let go.

The biggest breakthrough for me was definitely just getting myself back. During the relationship I became extremely low energy and I was not sure who I was anymore. The program gave me some very important reminders about life, self-love and relationships that people often tend to forget in their daily rush. By going through the lessons week by week, I was able to heal, remember my values and boundaries, love myself more and feel beautiful in my own body again.

The program really gave me an understanding of a healthy relationship. I learned a lot about different attachment styles and communication techniques that will help me build better future relationships.

We need to go through lows to grow and become our best selves.

I would really recommend the program to all women who are feeling down or not worthy. I think I’ve never felt as confident as I feel now and I think that actually reflects in our looks and energy. A lot of my friends have noticed the change in me."

Krista Krievina


"After going through a break-up from a long-term relationship, I was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually lost. I felt so disconnected from myself that I started to second guess my identity and lose my confidence & self-worth.

When I came across Jasmine’s “Embodied Love Program”, I knew it was exactly what I needed. She helped me discover who I am as a person and made me realize that I am worthy and enough. I felt like I was completely broken when I started the program. I am now stronger, empowered, confident, and mentally strong.

There are many exercises in every session that have helped me tremendously in dealing with the demons in my head. Before, I didn’t realise what I’d done in previous relationships, what was wrong on my part, and why my childhood had such a massive effect on my adult life.

Jasmine helped me understand why we do the things we do in our relationships and how to overcome them.

I would highly recommend Jasmine’s program. If you are a girl who’s feeling a little bit lost, has come out of a painful breakup, or is just feeling unconfident in your body, this program is going to help you. From start to finish, you will grow to love and feel in touch with yourself again.

Jasmine is a beautiful person. She’s not just there for you during calls, she’s there for you on times you feel down"

Leanne Hewett

United Kingdom

“For a long time I knew that there were parts of myself I wanted to evolve and heal, but I didn’t necessarily have the tools or the knowledge to get me to where I wanted to be. The opportunity to have a free session with Jasmine seemed to fall in my lap at the perfect time. After our first call, it was clear to me that her program was exactly what I had been longing for.

Growing up I had always struggled with self acceptance and self love. I always felt like I had to live up to a certain standard and I placed so much of my worth in my appearance. Jasmine taught me how to accept the parts of myself that I had hidden and how to love myself FULLY. She helped me to identify my limiting beliefs and to let go of the fear that surrounds loving yourself unconditionally.

I am forever grateful that I invested in myself and in this process. I had been needing someone to hold me accountable because I found it difficult to stay committed when the work wasn’t easy. I had to face parts of myself that I had kept in the shadows for a long time. That being said, I never felt alone. The love, encouragement and support that I received from Jasmine throughout the entire process was a huge blessing.

For the first time in my entire life I am able to say that I love myself unconditionally. Healing my relationship with myself and my body has also helped me to heal other relationships in my life. Jasmine is a truly powerful woman and I highly encourage anyone who is interested in this program to let her share her wisdom...it is endless!

Thank you, Jasmine. You are so loved!”

Mia Catherine

United States

Krista Krievina


Leanne Hewett

United Kingdom

Mia Catherine

United States

"I recently went through a very tough breakup and had my world as I knew it turned upside down overnight. I was in a dark hole and had been working with a psychologist but I just didn’t feel it was benefiting me and it felt very rigid. I felt I couldn’t connect with them. I came across Jasmine and I instantly connected with her, she was so kind, warm and could relate to everything I was saying. Just after 3 sessions with her has inspired me and made such a difference in my life.

I felt so lost and felt like I had no direction until I spoke with her! She is such an amazing woman and I’m so grateful the universe helped me find her!

During the sessions I learnt about holding my self-worth and high value as a woman. I figured out that I can live the life I want and not let my limiting beliefs hold me back. Jasmine has such a beautiful energy and nature that is just infectious. I’m instantly in a positive mood after I speak to her, not to mention someone that I connect with.

Thank you jasmine, you’ve taught me so much and given me tools I’m going to carry throughout my life now!"

Brittany Johnson


"I took my first coaching journey with Jasmine and I’m so glad I did it! At first I wasn’t really sure coaching would be a great idea but I did a free call with Jasmine and she was really nice, calm and warm and I could see she really wanted to help me in a genuine way so I decided to start her program.

I was in the middle of a depression so I was really lost and confused about a lot of stuff, I needed support and Jasmine gave me this. Through all of our sessions I learned so much about me and the way I was perceiving my life and my body, about relationships and how to deal with them, establish boundaries, be able to have a deep conversation and deal with arguments in a peaceful way, the importance of being vulnerable, and we also discussed self-pleasure and ways to (re)connect with my sexuality.

The program is really amazing and quite complete, you’ll navigate through a lot of different topics but all in order to get the best version of you.

Now that I have finished this journey, I see a lot of stuff in my life differently, I feel more confident in myself and in others and I can’t wait to use the knowledge and the tools she gave me to move forward in my life. Thank you so much for your help!”

Nell James


"2 months ago I had my world turned upside down and inside out. The dream I once held of growing old with the person I loved was no more, my husband wanted to leave me. 24years together is over. After I left the family home, he moved out. I now was put in a place of trying to deal with grief, being a mum and working full time. I decided to take Jasmine on as a coach. She helped me so much - For a shoulder to cry on to deep work on myself & finding out things I never knew about myself.

Every session was a new discovery learning about different ways of healing & growing within yourself. The 8- weeks that I worked with her have changed my life- I use these practices everyday and they have helped to guide me through the worst time of my life . When I felt I had no hope Jasmine gave me hope , when I thought I would never get through the day or the moment she gave me the words and actions I needed. I would never wish this sort of hurt on anyone but I am so glad I did this program.

Jasmine has changed my life, she has given me the glimmer of hope I needed to get through this. And for anyone else who needs a coach in a horrible breakup I recommend the Embodied Love Program as it can really help you heal and do the deep inner work."

Sandra Stone


Brittany Johnson


Nell James


Sandra Stone


Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get Inside:

Group Coaching Program

8 x 90-minute Group Zoom calls with me & other specialist, where we dive deep into your personal blocks & barriers & create transformational shifts in all areas of your life.

Receive deep coaching & personalised feedback on how you can embody your unique feminine essence, embody confident & learn how to attract long-lasting love.

Feel empowered & sexy again & grow into the fullest, most embodied version of yourself!

Embodied Love - Course Curriculum

8 weeks of video content that teaches you everything you need to know about Confidence, Intimacy, Healing Toxic Patterns, Communication and How to be a Magnetic Women.

The Topics that we will cover -

  • Self-worth, Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Inner Child & Childhood wounds
  • Trauma Bonds
  • Overcoming Insecure Attachment Style
  • Restoring the mind & Limiting Beliefs
  • Co-dependency & Interdependency
  • Intimacy Conversations & communication Techniques
  • Self-Love & Embodiment Rituals
  • Vulnerability & Shadow Work
  • How to be a magnetic Women

This includes videos, meditations, PDF, a library of information & homework to hold you accountable.

Community & Email Support

This support system is the key to staying accountable with your practices while on this transformational journey .

Feel fully supported throughout this process & be able to connect with a community of like-minded women in our high-vibe private group chat.

What would it be worth to you?

- To feel embodied, sexy and Step into your Confidence & Power

- To learn how to attract the right kind of life partner while repelling unavailable men

On this journey, I will teach you how to:

  • Deepen Your Self Love
  • Build A Beautiful Long-term Relationship
  • Heal toxic patterns & childhood wounds
  • Be Confident when it comes to dating and Intimacy
  • Attract A Partner Who Can Grow With You
  • Feel Sexier In Your Skin
  • Remove The Negative Voices & Self-Talk & Self Criticism
  • Feel A Deep Sense Of Self-love And Acceptance
  • Do It All Without Having To Date Any More Unavailable Men
  • Become the best version of you

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Power &

Attract The Love You Truly Deserve?

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