If sales calls are overwhelming to you, you are attracting the wrong leads OR you are only closing 30% or less of your prospects into clients... YOU may be a perfect fit for the Premium Sales Intensive

Sell with Confidence: We will listen to sales calls, assess and provide feedback and gain valuable data to create sales blueprints and scripts that help you close more sales faster.

Fast CASH Recovery: Using our Lost Leads and Revenue Recovery System you'll quickly secure clients and cash from leads that haven't been followed up on and lost prospects that didn’t close previously

Prospect and track for success: Use a CRM customized for your company to manage and track sales activities

Build conversation expertise with our First Call Close Process: You will turn more new prospects into paying clients faster

Gain Sales Consistency: Develop systems to attract your Perfect Person over and over again without striving and scrambling

Optimize Your Offer: We'll help you make your good offer great and improve language, message and pricing

Master Your Day: You'll develop sustainable, profit producing behaviors and know what it looks like to focus on money making tasks everyday

Get the support you need: You'll be surrounded by like minded professionals also on the journey to have sales consistency but, even more importantly, you'll have access to sales assistants, technical support, and other experts who will do the work WITH YOU as you create sales success.


Who is Tish Times?

Tish Times is the founder of the Tish Times Sales Agency. For over 10 years, Tish has been empowering business owners and entrepreneurs to create revenue-generating business connections, shorten the sales cycle, and close sales with ease.

© 2023 Tish Times

© 2023 Tish Times