Dr. Rammohan started her venture in the field of Optometry while completing her Bachelors in Chemistry at NJCU. She worked as a salesperson at Pearle Vision selling glasses, which inspired her to look deeper into the field of Optometry. She worked as an Ophthalmic Technician for a few years, then continued to pursue her dream by applying for optometry school.

Dr. Rammohan attended NOVA Southeastern University in Florida from 1998-2002, followed by a one year Primary

Eye Care residency program at Danville Illiana VA Hospital. She immediately began working in the Lehigh Valley in 2004 at various private and franchise practices. She has been practicing Optometry ever since.

Throughout her childhood and into her adult life, Dr. Rammohan’s “VISION” has been to help people. She always dreamed of having her own practice where she could personalize the services she provided and help her patients in the best way possible. She works closely with the St. Luke’s Endocrinology group in helping people with diabetes and endocrine disorders, along with vision disorders. Dr. Rammohan is a volunteer at the Vision Van Program sponsored by St. Luke’s Hospital.

Through this program she helps children with visual disorders. Her “VISION” is to expand her enthusiasm of Optometry and helping those with vision disorders beyond just the Lehigh Valley.

Outside of her Optometry practice, Dr. Rammohan loves to spend time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include dancing, photography, listening to music, and reading a good book in her downtime. Dr. Rammohan also has a passion for traveling around the world and experiencing new things, her ideal escape being a tranquil, white-sand beach.


Dr. Rammohan looks forward to meeting you and your family and building a close relationship to take care of your current and future eyecare needs.

"I have had an eye exam with Dr. Rammohan. Here is what I think about her. I think Dr. Rammohan sticks to her tasks and never gets distracted. I think that once she starts something she always finishes it. She has fun with kids but she never jokes around to much because she knows something can go wrong if she does. That’s what I think about her love and kindness but here is what I think about her and her work. I think that she does the same pat- tern every time, and she never lies and says that you can wait another week for glasses when you really need them. She always says you need glasses and will tell you if you have a problem. Even if you don’t have any problem she is always honest especially if there is something wrong with your eye. The best part about Dr. Rammohan is that she enjoys working and she always makes the right choices. Feel free to call for an appointment anytime! "

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