• Curiosity and commitment

  • Thorough practice sessions 5-6 days per week

  • Participation in two annual recitals/events, offered in Fall and Spring


  • Assistance and Accountability for student practice

  • Timely purchase of assigned books

  • Timely payment of tuition

  • Communicate questions and concerns with teachers and/or administrators


The teacher will recommend a set of lesson books and workbooks after meeting the student. The lesson materials your teacher refers will be emailed or texted to you. Many materials are listed on our website and linked to to help you make sure you are ordering the right book.


Students are expected to participate in two events per year hosted either by Aspiring Minds or Fort Worth Music Teachers Association (FWMTA). Additional festivals, competitions, and theory tests are optional at an additional cost through FWMTA or Mid-Cities MTA. A piano festival is offered in December where professionals will provide feedback regarding piano technique. A recital will be offered at Fossil Ridge High School in May 2023 (Date TBD).


An annual fee of $40 per student plus $20 per additional siblings, due by registration, includes participation in both recitals and festivals and covers all related expenses. The annual fee does not include lesson books.


Students must have a well-lit area free from distractions to fully concentrate during lessons and practice time. Students should have a metronome, pencils, a piano bench for the student, a chair for the teacher, and a music bag or bookshelf to keep materials organized. A notebook or a binder with loose-leaf paper is needed for the teacher to write lesson plans, practice notes, and assignments. Instrument A properly maintained instrument with 88 weighted keys is required for lessons.


During the school year, we use a 40-week calendar from August 28th – May 27th, during which we bill for 35 lessons, with no charge for four Holiday/Vacation weeks (see below). For a visual calendar, please refer to the “Calendar” page at Once a teacher is assigned, s/he will communicate with you to find a mutually suitable weekly lesson time for the entirety of each semester. Holidays/Vacation There will be no lessons during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas (two weeks), and Spring Break - unless makeup lessons are mutually agreed upon. In the case that you or the teacher are absent the week of lessons before Christmas, the lesson may be made up during the first week in January. Please refer to the “Calendar” page at


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering students and teachers the option of having online lessons. The cost is the same as in-person lessons; students have been assigned Folders in Google Drive to upload lesson materials to weekly, including completed Theory homework and videos of them playing their lesson pieces. Teachers teaching online will review these materials outside of the designated lesson time to streamline the online learning process. Our preferred platform is to upload your video to YouTube and share only the link to your Google Drive Folder (the video processing is slow and bulky in Drive).


To maintain progress and guarantee registration in the Fall, students are expected to take a minimum of six 30-minute lessons, five 45-minute lessons, or four Hour lessons. Summer scheduling is flexible in order to accommodate vacations, camps, etc. Your teacher will arrange a custom schedule with you prior to each month and will communicate it to us, and you will be invoiced accordingly. Late Payment Fees (see below) still apply during summer months.


Tuition payments are due or must be postmarked, on the 1st of each month, quarter, or semester. Invoices will be sent exactly 7 days before the due date. For example, the bill for October lessons will be sent on September 24. Payment for October lessons is due October 1, and if payment has not been received by the 7th of the month, a $15 late fee will be assessed on the 8th day of each month with no options for refund.


Makeup lessons are not guaranteed: the appointment time has been reserved expressly for your lesson. With minimum advance notice of 1 week for a schedule conflict, the teacher may be able to reschedule the lesson for another time. If not, s/he can refer you to an Hour-Long Group Class offered quarterly on Saturday mornings (see the “Calendar” page on our website). In the event of illness or emergency, the instructor may offer a make-up lesson or refer a student to attend a Group Class. Occasionally, a teacher may have prior professional commitments such as a concert to perform in, which will be communicated to you well in advance, to reschedule. The instructor is required to make up any lessons s/he misses due to other professional commitments.


There is no early termination fee. However, if you wish to discontinue lessons at any time, 2-week’s advance notice must be given to the teacher and the administrators. For example, if you wish to stop lessons in February, the instructor and administrator must be notified by January 18. Notice only to the instructor is not sufficient for withdrawal. No refunds will be offered for early termination not communicated to both the teacher and the administrators.

"My three children have taken lessons with Aspiring Minds teachers for the past 2 years. They have been taking lessons for almost 10 years in total and have had other teachers but none the caliber of the Aspiring Minds teachers! They are exceptional at working with each child and helping to see their strengths and weaknesses." - Charlotte