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It's time to create a business strategy and build your legacy where you are at the center.

We help women business owners boldly hold their value and operate their business in their zone of genius by providing a back pocket business team.

Legacy Creatives is a team of experts who serve clients by delivering marketing and social media strategy, custom brand style guides, website design, copywriting and editing, launch and program development - and so much more.

We are the one-stop shop for busy entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to take back their time and increase their profits with the people and systems to scale your business.

Is this you?

You’re already successful – a leader in your industry . . . and yet somehow it doesn’t feel like how you imagined success should feel.
You're stressed out and anxious. The success that you thought would bring you freedom has diminished your quality of life, even starting to affect your physical health. You find yourself still struggling with confidence, self doubt, and no matter how much business strategy you put behind your passion, you find yourself agonizing over routine decisions. Your days are spent in the weeds of your business - doing it all and not getting the help and support you need.

To top it off? You are consumed with guilt about the amount of time that you devote to your business, you feel that your family deserves more from you. But the reality is that you can’t be two places at once . . . and they both require so much time and effort.
Something isn’t clicking.
Here at Legacy, we get it. It’s not because you haven’t tried. You’ve mastered the nuts and bolts of your business, and your really hard work has produced results. You've showed up, put in the hours, honed your craft. But you’re ready to pull your hair out in frustration because you are quickly finding out you can’t do it all.
You want to share your gift. Make other people’s lives better. And you want to earn more than you are now. You want to grow bigger, grow better. Yet somehow your bottom line remains the same, you haven’t been getting the results that you deeply desire . . . And that is frustrating because you know you get phenomenal results for your clients.

So what gives?

Maybe you feel like you need a better business or marketing strategy, but who has the time?? Revamp your website? Work on your brand and content?

You’ve been down this road before, and you know that all this time spent in these areas is at the expense of your family, your clients, yourself, and your bottom line.

You’re not at a place to hire a team, yet can’t seem to grow your income because you are tapped out on time, energy, and money.

You know you have a soul mission here on this planet. You don’t want to get to the end of your life with a suitcase full of regrets and “what ifs.”, so throwing in the towel or working harder aren’t your options… So what do you do?

Your Solution


Specifically designed for the business owner who is on the journey from solo-entrepreneur to CEO. The place where you know you need to delegate and hire, but don’t have neither the time nor inclination to do so.​

This is where we come in. Our signature Legacy Capsule Studio takes the stress and time commitment out of moving to the next level. The next level where you can finally have your time and profits back - so you can focus on where you excel: what we call your zone of genius. Our Legacy Capsule is the business team you’ve been looking for, the experts you can trust! ​


Brand Identity & Development

Website Design & Setup

Course Design & Setup

Campaign Copywriting

Systems Setup & Strategy

Content Strategy & Creation

​With packages curated for each stage of business, we break down every step a professional woman will need to scale their business and take the pressure off of you doing it all on your own?​

How would it feel to offload all the tasks off your plate, so you can focus on what really lights you up?

We Hear You

I (Sheridan) used to be that visionary business owner with all the balls in the air. I had my master's degree in speech therapy and created a six-figure consulting business in that field. But I didn’t stop there. I created another six-figure business as a health coach, and then one as a business coach for good measure. But the whole time I was trading time for money. I worked a zillion hours a week. Don’t believe me? I have five kids, and in addition to the work stuff, I was an available and committed mother to my children – doing the laundry, ferrying them to activities, and on and on...​By outward measures, I looked successful, but on the inside, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I had hit a ceiling in my income and every incremental increase required more from me. I was in constant striving mode, trying to push myself to constantly do more. Until it all fell apart (even typing that makes me quake remembering). I had a major health crisis that caused me to pull the plug on 95% of my business. Almost everything came to a full stop.

Which was the best gift I ever received.

You see, working hard and learning more skills is not enough. Heart, vision and best intentions are not enough. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I didn’t know what I was doing even though it looked like I did.

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential for 2024 with

Our Exclusive Intentions Planner!

Your Ultimate Tool for Strategic Business Planning and Reflective Growth. This isn't just any planner; it's a comprehensive workbook designed specifically for business owners like you

That’s why we created our signature Vision Energy Action™ formula.

So ask yourself: What’s your

legacy going to be?

As women, we have been conditioned that busy is a badge of honor, and we are expected to do it all.

And that is stressful – you are constantly being bombarded with problems to solve! Big problems, little problems, problems, problems, problems...they are everywhere, and it never stops!

Plus it’s heavy - it’s all on you to figure it out. Every. Single. Day. This leaves you feeling directionless - how are you supposed to grow when your time and energy are already at maximum capacity? And we haven’t even touched the overwhelming guilt… feeling that if you just did more, if you just got better, it would all work out.
I lived inside of this paradigm for years. And it was killing me methodically and slowly, from the inside out, all while trying to raise 5 kids.

That’s when I woke up and made the decision I was going to do it my way where my business wasn’t going to hijack my family time or my career.
And that meant, asking for and accepting help. It meant letting go of doing it all, of learning to find the experts and hire them to do what they love, so I can do more of what I love.
This lead me to founding Legacy and creating the same solution for other female business owners who are where I was: but instead of trial and error, hiring and firing, and wasting their money - Legacy Capsule is a one stop shop with a team of experts you can depend on to efficiently and effectively deliver what you need at a price point that fits your budget.

You need a simple formula. A system. One that doesn’t require a big fat time commitment. What if you could scale your business in a way that felt good to you? What if you could scale to multiple six figures while being true to your career dreams and your family time?

It comes down to... Vision Energy Action™

When you are creating your money in a way that aligns with your soul’s purpose you feel light - you are grounded in the highest vibration of giving your gift to the world and receiving money (lots of money) in return.

And it’s exciting – because you are clear and grounded in your vision and strategy, the process of creating feels fun. You welcome the challenges because you have ultimate confidence in your ability to create your way through them

You are purposeful and passionate - you are connected to your inner channel of empowerment and innate wisdom, therefore, you develop unique and resourceful strategies that grow your business and enhance your quality of life. That’s right. You are empowered to create a way to have a successful business AND the life of abundant time, energy, and money that you deeply desire.​We want this for you. You want this for you

"I feel like a new me..."

"I used to practice law sweating and terrified that I didn’t do a good enough job. After working with Scotti and Sheridan I feel like a new me. I have a new baseline sense of comfort and confidence. I’ve found the key to the core default stress setting that managed EVERYTHING. Now, I still have crazy weeks at work, but I can manage the fact that I have complexities in my life. I have a more confident, “I’ve got this” attitude. I received what I needed back in a healthy way - a mind blowing experience! I’m grateful that I learned this way of being at 42, not 80."