Embrace The Sweat

Are you ready to look and feel your best by building confidence with your workouts and in yourself?

About Embrace the Sweat

I have created the Embrace the Sweat Community to help women, in their 20's and 30's gain confidence in their skin. I once was in the place where I hated my body and realized that even though I had been active in sports throughout my school career, I knew nothing about training and nutrition. This is when I dove in deep and learned everything I could about training, macros and mindset to apply to my life and gain confidence. As a teacher, (I currently teach 5th grade) I love teaching others so that they can get to their goals faster than if they tried figuring it out on their own.

The Embrace the Sweat Community includes:

  • 4 week program every month with either a 4 day or 5 day split - whichever works best for you
  • Access to Trainerize App where you can access your workouts, view exercise demo videos, schedule your workouts, record sets/reps/weights and automatically track progress week over week, month over month

  • Nutrition Ebook to give you the tools to understand what you really need to know about nutrition, how to calculate your macros and how to track your food

  • Training handbook going over how to track your workouts, what to expect from your training, how to get results etc.

  • Access to private facebook group for community support

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In Person Session Details

Location: Anytime Fitness Farmington

20700 Chippendale Ave West