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Helping You

Protect Your Family

and Your Future

Allow us to help you control your flow of money to put more in your pocket!

Protect Your Family and Your Future

What would you do if you had no debt and a control over your money? The sky's the limit!



Stop working with Uncle Sam and start controlling your money!



Say goodbye to debts with our personalized debt elimination plan

Tax-Free Retirement Income

Start saving now so you can live a tax-free life after retirement



Build a nest egg to protect your family in case of disaster, illness, injury or death



Leave behind a debt-free legacy for your family and ensure that they are set for the future!

Good Hands For The Good Life.

Our mission at Black Swan Insurance Group is to protect middle-income families from an unforeseen financial disaster in case somebody dies, becomes disabled, or becomes critically ill.

In addition, we help people live debt-free and build a tax-free retirement nest.


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What Is Debt Free Life?

Debt Free Life is a time-tested wealth-building solution that we’ve revitalized for the modern consumer to help them eliminate debts strategically. The program uses the cash value of a life insurance policy to help policyholders pay off their debts, rather than borrowing from a traditional lender.

  • Build cash
  • Pay off debt
  • Save for the future

We Work With Companies You Can Trust

Eliminate Debt; Save For The Future

Let's work together to see how we can help you eliminate debt and start saving for the future!

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