Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a voice over professional for your project is no easy decision, but hiring Caroline to help you complete your project is a no-brainer.

Why Should You Book Caroline?

Personal service, professionalism and passion are a guaranteed part of each project. Here, clients are the priority! Caroline's years of experience not only in voice overs (audio books, ads, educational materials, language learning apps etc), but in theatre, film and teaching in the classroom, mean your final product isn't just read by a soothing voice, but created and crafted with expertise and professionalism. Communication and creativity are key to a good partnership and excellent end product.

How Much Will My Script Cost?

Script cost is calculated based on two main criteria: word count and type of script. A good rule of thumb if you're wondering about your project is to visit Global Voice Academy to see current market rates for non-union voice over work.

Here's a basic break down:

General internet use:

  • $75 for the first 50 words

  • $40 for each additional too words

    • (Example: 325 word script would cost $75 + $120 for additional words = $195)

This pricing includes commercial license to post audio publicly, either online or for unpaid marketing purposes and 72-hour delivery. Edits are not included unless Caroline mispronounces a word or misreads the script.

Extras available to make sure your project is perfect! Here are some things you may decide to add:

  • Broadcast License (for local TV Radio/Paid Promotion - ask me about pricing for larger markets) - $75

  • HQ WAV File - $5

  • Background Music - $I5 (you provide the music), $25 (music provided for you)

  • Rush Delivery (within 24-hours of a signed contract/agreement) - $50

  • Same Day Rush (12-hour delivery) - $75 (pending availability)

  • Schedule 15-minute Zoom chat with Caroline for extra direction/clarification - $30

  • Split project into separate files - $5 (for 5 files)

  • VIP Treatment: Includes rush delivery AND being pushed to the top of my queue, your project comes first! - $100

  • Live-directed session in studio (either remote directed or in person if local) - $75 hour with a one-hour minimum

    Anything else your project needs? Contact me and we can come up with a fair price!

For longer scripts -- for projects over 2,000 words (training materials, longer educational modules, audio books, etc). pricing is calculated based on "Per Finished Hour" (or PFI). PFH rates for audio books and longer recordings are between $300 and $500 depending on the content and your editing needs. For example, a technical medical manual takes more time, research and effort than a first person perspective short story. An audio book with multiple character voices takes more prep and practice than an introduction employee training module. Prices are discussed on a project by project basis. Contact for details on pricing your project!

When Will You Deliver?

Most shorter projects (under 500 words) can be delivered within 72-hours of signing a contract without any additional cost. Depending on schedule and availability, we can often deliver up to 500 words of professionally recorded and fully edited VO within 24-hours for an additional rush charge of $50.

What Format Is Delivered?

I deliver recordings in MP3, 16 bit, 44.1 khz format. If your project requires something different, let us know!

Can You Provide A British Accent?

Absolutely! Being married to a Brit and spending extended amounts of time abroad with friends and family makes that an easy task. Also comfortable with American Southern, Texan (they're different!), Eastern European, French, and New York accents as required by your project.

How Do I Let You Know What Type Of Voice I Am Looking For?

If we decide to partner together, I'll send over a contract and an initial client questionnaire. This is where you'll include the script to be recorded, as well as share any direction for me for that script. You can reference voices from my demo you'd like your project to sound like, or send me videos of other voice overs you love and would like me to emulate this is helpful for direction, but keep in mind that I'm not an impersonator). In addition, if your project requires character voices, this is where you'll add any information about the characters so I can develop individual voices that fit your project.

Have more questions? Contact Caroline to answer anything further.

Always happy to help!

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