The Feature Films For #ReveelFrightFest

Along Came The Devil

Exorcism films are known to be based on true events and this film is no different. After a troubled childhood, Ashley searches for a connection, and unknowingly invites in a demonic force, which leaves her loved ones fighting for her soul.

The Attic

Before Mad Men and The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss got one of her first lead roles in The Attic (2007). The film is about an agoraphobic woman and her family who move into an older house that she believes is haunted by her own doppelgänger.

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Fright Level 1: Mystery & Mayhem

Mystery and horror can go hand in hand. With mystery comes uncertainty and with horror comes terror. This film lineup combines both genres to bring you a playlist full of horror, mystery, and ultimately, chaos.

Fright Level 2: Monster Fest

From werewolves to vampires, monsters have terrorized the horror genre since the twentieth century. This film lineup compiles the best independent monster films on Reveel into a neat playlist for binging.

Fright Level 3: Don’t Look Back

If it was up to us, the rules would be: Don’t investigate. Don’t stop to help strangers. Always have a full tank of gas. And never, ever look back. Everyone knows the rules to the stories of slasher films and yet, we can’t get enough of them.

Fright Level 4: Paranoia, My New BFF

Ghosts, demons, and poltergeists would make anyone paranoid. Throw in some murderous intentions and unfinished business with the physical world and things can get very dangerous very fast. A collection of the eeriest horror films for a supernatural binge.

Fright Level 5: Our Darkest Fears

There isn’t one way to experience horror and fear can manifest itself in many ways. “Our Darkest Fears” playlist captures the variety of fears that people can experience and compiles them in a lineup of compelling horror and thriller films.

Spend This Spooky Season Discovering Fresh Original Horror Films From The Comfort of Your Own Homes

Looking For Something More Specific?

Check Out These Other Horror Film Playlists

Blood & Fangs

Bloodsucking vampires in a film bring a lot of expectations. Gothic settings, fangs, blood, and garlic are just some of the genre conventions that we typically see in vampire films. This playlist has some of the most fun vampire related films on Reveel.

The Hammer and Anvil

Did someone order gore and guts, with a side order of body trauma? These films are all about gratuitous violence and villains enjoying the suffering of the victims. The “Hammer and Anvil” brings together all of the gore films on Reveel into a singular playlist for Halloween.

Witch Way To Go

Witches have caused paranoia for centuries in the real world and in stories. Horror films centering around witches create a lot of fear for the supernatural. “Witch Way To Go” has Reveel’s favorite films about witches all in one playlist for horror fans.

Reveel’s Horror Comedy Club

Humor and horror don’t seem like a good combo but this playlist proves that the two genres coming together can be an entertaining dynamic. The Horror Comedy Club has plenty of hilarious films that are rooted in the horror genre to choose from.

Learn More About the Films and The

Filmmakers Behind Them

An interview with Jason Ragosta, the director of Boy in the Dark, to learn more about the creative process behind the film and how it ended up with the horrifyingly convincing visual effects.

An interview with Joshua F. Leonard’s experience directing Pistachio and how he created the film in less than three days.

HANG UP! is a short film that has many similarities to Gone Girl and manages to capture a similar level of psychological manipulation and terror perpetrated by a female psychopath. Here is why the two films are identical.

This horror animation is a unique short film. In a matter of nine and a half minutes, The Backwater Gospel tells a story that is rich with symbolism, distinct characters, and layered interpretations. Underneath the surface, there is a lot of backstory and metaphors that we discuss in this blog post.

The History of Horror Films

Horror films have a long history tracing back to the silent film era in the early twentieth century. Learn all about how the horror film scene came to be and the factors that made it develop into what it is today.

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