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We help kids develop focus, confidence and discipline to become leaders!

PreK - K5 Martial Arts

Have a rambunctious little one that needs a way to reign in all that crazy energy? Or perhaps you have a shy kiddo that just needs that extra boost of confidence?

No matter why you bring your PreK or Kindergartner to our school, we can help.

Kids in our programs learn fundamentals of balance, coordination, and strength. We focus on using martial arts as a base to build up your child's confidence and discipline in challenging, but age appropriate classes.

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  • Increase focus
  • Build confidence
  • Establish manners and discipline

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Kids 1st-5th Grade Martial Arts

Need a way to anchor your elementary school aged child in a positive environment designed to improve focus and develop confidence?

Our programs are perfect for children that need a mentor and guidance to achieve their best in life and martial arts.

Students in our kids program study the art of Kempo Karate and learn fundamentals striking including kickboxing skills and self-defense. In addition our instructors build up our children to tackle the hardest challenges in life with perseverance and strength.

Save your child's FREE Guest pass below and come see why Augusta trusts us as the #1 place for kids martial arts classes.

  • Perfect for boys and girls!
  • Develop self-discipline to improve grades!
  • Increase focus and confidence!
  • Learn practical bully defense!

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Confidence, Focus & More

Teens 6th - 8th Grade Martial Arts

Does your middle schooler spend too much time on the screen and not enough time active?

We can not only get your teen moving, but also surrounded by positive mentors that know how to challenge and motivate teens.

Our young adults build their foundation in the art of Kempo Karate while learning practical self-defense along with kickboxing techniques and elements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We will motivate and instill discipline in your teen during these pivotal years!

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  • Get your teen active!
  • Develop confidence to achieve goals!
  • Learn practical self-defense!

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Providing life changing martial arts classes for students of all ages in Augusta, GA since 1982.


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