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Why settle in life, when you can DREAM BIG! On our POP Secrets Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Cheyenne Washington, a full time student while chasing her dreams of becoming a professional actress and dancer. She shares her experiences which have led her to the success in pursuing her dream career.

What’s an Aesthetic? It seems like everyone talks about it as though it’s common knowledge but there was no class in high school called Aesthetic 101 - and yet, if you’ve ever looked up any article on branding or social media marketing, it’s talked about time and time again. An overly simplified substitution is that something is pretty or “pleasing to look at”. Aesthetics in marketing and business goes hand in hand with branding, which is about a consistent visual representation that tells the consumer what that product is and what the company stands for. A good example of an aesthetic that results in effective branding is Coca-Cola. The iconic red and vintage lettering is so original and consistent that anyone can instantly recognize it.

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