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Do you want to help people? Do you want to spark creativity, transform negative beliefs, heal trauma or ease conflict?

When you’re clear about your calling, and you have the right tools, you’re in a powerful position to help others. Discover how to empower individuals and to ignite group wisdom by cultivating insight, empathy and the skills that transform relationship.

What has life entrusted to you? Whatever your profession—holistic health, wellness, spirituality, therapist, trainer, educator, presenter, consultant, or coach—our mission is to help you to bring your work into the world in ways that touch the heart, move the imagination, and inspire self-discovery.

Why offer mind-body workshops?

  • To share your information, experience, or story to inspire others
  • To move from a one-to-one practice to group work
  • To grow from teacher or presenter to mind-body facilitator
  • To give back to your community what you know is useful and valuable
  • Or because you just know it needs to be done now!

Our life work is exploring two questions:

  • How to empower individuals
  • How to ignite group wisdom

We choose to do this by helping individuals who feel called to lead workshops do so in a way that leads to transformation—of the group and the individuals in the group. We'd love for you to join us on this journey of learning, growth, and transformation!

The world needs your gifts now more than ever. As Nelson Mandela said, “we must all exceed our own expectations.”


Ken Nelson

Ken is dedicated to helping people heal, grow, and awaken with mind-body practices and the wisdom traditions. He has offered transformational workshops worldwide since 1975. He directs a leadership training program serving presenters who want to offer dynamic, holistic, and interactive workshops, retreats, and trainings. Ken enjoys mentoring leaders and consulting with health and wellness organizations. He is known for teaching accessible, beginner-friendly yoga, qigong, meditation, and bodywork. Ken is a cross-disciplinary innovator, originating programs such as Slow Yoga & Qigong, Thai-Shiatsu Bodywork, and Healthy Aging: The Wisdom Years. His CD, Yin Yoga, and DVD, Qigong & Taiji for Healing & Vitality, are Kripalu best sellers. Ken is a former Fulbright lecturer, and a longtime Kripalu faculty member and scholar-in-residence. He holds a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies from Tulane University.

Lesli Lang

Lesli is a truth seeker and brings to her work a lifelong exploration of esoteric knowledge, meditation, yoga, and the expressive and healing arts. She is committed to supporting people in their quest for authenticity, creative freedom, and full self-expression. Drawing on her experience as a creative producer in New York City and in business theater and multimedia communications, Lesli is able to keep the big picture in mind while attending to the details. She grew up in Zimbabwe and has a Bachelor of Arts from Rhodes University, South Africa.

David Ronka

David is passionate about helping those who feel called to bring their work to the world via workshops and retreats. He does this through coaching, training, writing, and consulting. Drawing from his diverse experience as teacher, management consultant, life coach, civil engineer, Naval officer, musician, and artist, David helps workshop leaders create logical learning structures that help creativity, spontaneity, and personality thrive. He is the author of The Flipside of Fear and holds a master’s degree from Harvard in teaching and learning.

Jim White

Jim is an organization development consultant, leadership trainer, and neuroscience enthusiast who is passionate about translating behavioral-science breakthroughs into actionable practices for individuals, groups, and teams. He has provided technical assistance and workshops in 22 countries, served as director of training for the Peace Corps, assisted NASA in the integration of somatic practices into their staff development programs, and teaches principles of neuro-leadership at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He has taught ballroom dancing and, in his leisure, herds two cats. He holds a master’s degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in transformational leadership and social change.

Kathryn Louise LeBlanc

Kathy is a leader and self-development specialist who provides training, coaching, and consulting in emotional intelligence, behavioral modification and analysis, and personality and temperament functioning. She has been facilitating live and online workshops in navigating and thriving through large life transitions, career development, and conscious decision-making since 2004 throughout the New England area, for individuals, entrepreneurs, counseling centers, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Her passion is empowering value-based humans with potent and practical skills and experiences, to support them in being more fluid, effective, and formidable in realizing their highest potential, for the benefit of themselves and their communities. Beyond being fascinated by human beings, Kathy is a lover of nature, children, and laughter.

Lisa Love

Lisa uses her vast experiences as a psychiatric nurse, coach, and energy healer to foster transformation in others. As a natural teacher and intuitive, she leads others to compassionate self-awareness. She draws from her training as an elite athlete and Kripalu-trained yoga instructor to nurture a “bottom-up” understanding of the body-mind connection. She’s developed and led transformational workshops and regularly engages in personal transformative work herself, thus enabling her to more deeply support her clients. With her masters in psychiatric/mental health nursing from the University of Massachusetts she is in private practice  as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Maine.

Jessye Joyce Chalmers

Jessye is passionate about sharing embodiment practices to improve nervous system regulation, increase self-awareness, and develop self-trust. Her own powerful experiences attending transformational workshops also awakened an interest in how leaders foster the conditions for growth in others. She is certified as a Kripalu yoga teacher and brings fifteen years of IT operations experience as a systems analyst and program manager. In these roles she led technology implementations and leveraged human-centered design methodology to develop customer-focused products and programs. She holds a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Health Informatics.

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