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Effective communication is crucial, especially within your family. To help you excel, we've created the 5 Strategies of Dedicated Listening.

These strategies are designed to enhance your conversations, making them more meaningful and impactful, while providing the opportunity for more powerful relationships.

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Who Is Elizabeth Bennett?

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Courageous conversations
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Meet the extraordinary award-winning principal with over 35 years of experience in education, coaching, and leadership, Elizabeth Bennett. Her journey from surviving domestic violence to becoming a catalyst for courageous conversations at home and in the workplace is truly inspiring. An avid runner, arts and sports enthusiast, and nature lover, she finds joy in life's simple pleasures. Elizabeth’s dedication to transforming broken environments into spaces of love and empowerment shines through. Contributing to 8 best-selling books and with their own guidebook on relationships, she is devoted to making a positive impact. Her compassionate and resilient spirit shine through as she is creating hope, change, and inclusivity, one courageous conversation at a time. 

Whether at home or in the workplace, sometimes we need to have courageous conversations. If you're struggling to change the culture in your environment and want to make real progress, I can help.

Bio Who Is Elizabeth Bennett

Born from humble beginnings, rose above adversity to become a beacon of inspiration. Their journey, marked by resilience and determination, fuels their passion for empowering others. Through captivating storytelling and unwavering optimism, they illuminate paths to success, motivating audiences to unlock their limitless potential

Courageous Conversations

Where to begin.

In The Workplace

Communication challenges in the workplace can effect productivity and cause set backs. If you are experiencing leadership management issues, or struggle with team dynamics and culture, Elizabeth Bennett has the answers that you are looking for.

In Our Home

Emotional upheaval is common in our North American homes. Schools struggle with rampant bullying, and teens often are challenged with social isolation. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens. Elizabeth brings years of experience to the table. Her journey from surviving domestic violence to becoming a catalyst for courageous conversations is truly inspiring. Imagine bridging the gap, one courageous conversation at a time.


Kerry George

Elizabeth is amazing, whether you are at work or at home she helps you create a more positive culture and have those courageous conversations. In the corporate environment she brings peace to a place where chaos and discontent was raging. Colleagues begin to treat each other with more respect and the team finally starts working together the way you always wanted them to. I highly recommend her.

Kerry George

Founder & Owner CIBN Connect

Tammy Johnston

Elizabeth has an uncanny gift for helping parents communicate with their kids and teenagers. Her years of experience as an educator and extensive training has taught her many skills to cut through the difficulty, the awkwardness, the frustration, and the fear on both sides and have real conversations and work on coming up with solutions that work. She knows that each situation and family is unique and has a large toolbox. I highly recommend her books, her programs, and her services.

Tammy Johnston

Speaker, Author,

Financial Magician

Connie Jakab

Elizabeth has incredible experience having courageous conversations and isn't afraid to tackle the hard issues, which is what we need right now in our world. She brings a unique perspective with her work as a principal, as she has had to navigate hard conversations with students, parents, and teachers - sometimes all at once. This unique perspective she brings allows her to speak from an advantage to the topic of courageous conversations.

Connie Jakab


Author of "Bring Them Closer"

Annette Stanwick, BScN

Elizabeth's professional background and extensive experience provides a profound masterpiece for initiating and guiding non-threatening conversations with teens. Her skills, strategies and heart are a gift for the world of families, foster families, educators, social workers, law enforcement, parole officers, counselors and coaches in mastering conversations and relationship issues with teens.

Annette Stanwick, BScN

Speaker, Author, Freedom Facilitator & Coach

Best Selling & Award Winning Author of "Forgiveness: The Mystery & Miracle"

Brenda Christie

I wish I would have had this book when I was raising teenagers. Now my children will be receiving copies to help with raising their teenagers. Thank you Elizabeth, for this wonderful gift to assist parents and teens in their journey to improve their family dynamics for this and future generations; and for the many years of work and collaboration in ensuring the excellence of PMAST programs.

Brenda Christie,

President: Peer Mediation and Skills Training

Nita Knapp

I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Elizabeth through our connection in Flourishing Coaching.What I discovered as we worked together in the Flourishing Parenting program was that she was very kind to the parents and offered many attainable tools to help in assisting in what next steps they could take.Elizabeth was a great listener; many parents have flourished and seen such a transformation in their families due to her sharing her courageous conversation tools with them.

I recommend having Elizabeth speak and inspire parents and youth at any event you host.

Nita Knapp

Coaching with Nita ☀️

Mind Renewal Coach, Facilitator and Speaker.

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