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Lori Dunham


Dunham Global Ventures Inc


Dunham Global Ventures Inc is the parent company for several brands. With a team of experts and strategic partners in specialized areas, we can meet the needs of a diverse base of entrepreneurial clients. Lori Dunham is the CEO and Founder of Dunham Global Ventures Inc Her mission is to inspire and encourage others to take their first step toward their dream. In many cases, the first step is the hardest step to take, especially without support. It is her desire that others find the courage and resources necessary to take action, live their dreams, and leave a legacy to be proud of!

Ms. Dunham is a proficient intuitive business mentor, enthusiastic public speaker, and engaging author. She is also the host of the

Award-Winning International Show, Dunham Business Radio.

Follow Lori on Facebook and Instagram, and connect with her followers through several Facebook Groups where she shares insights and business hacks based on her personal business experiences and on those who are willing to share.


Dunham Global Ventures Inc aligns with Godly principles to empower, educate, and encourage business owners in all stages to be, do, and have what they desire.


  • We provide a safe and enthusiastic place to cultivate business skills, expand people networks, and enhance industry knowledge that propels one toward their Divine Destiny.

  • We have the highest quality customer service in the industry. We have a reputation that we are proud of. Because of this excellent reputation and our commitment to the highest of standards, we have enjoyed considerable client satisfaction.

  • We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates, and customers.


1 - Communicate, even when it appears difficult

(Say what I mean, mean what I say, withhold baseless judgment, and never gossip)

2 - Respect the experiences that others bring to the group

(Honor the knowledge that others are willing to share)

3 - Lead by example

(Ask of others only that which I am willing to do myself)

4 - Be easy to do business with - internally and externally

(Accept suggestions from others and consider alternate perspectives)

5 - Have FUN!!

(If you're not having FUN, you're not doing it right!)



Your time and projects are important. We aim to be your best partner by taking on the burden of the permitting and drafting process, navigating the City Building Permit maze, engaging with City personnel, engineers, specialty vendors, Licensed Tradesman, inspectors and other key alliances to submit accurate permit packages for smooth processing to obtain the permit specific to your project. Ask how we can help you today!


817-405-1188 (Office)

817-333-8016 (SMS and WhatsApp)

817-549-9012 (Fax)

NAICS: 561499 (926150), 541199, and 541340

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