Elite Labrador Retrievers
black lab sitting in a field

Elite Labrador Retrievers is dedicated to producing the highest quality Labrador retriever puppy.

Each one of our litters is carefully planned out and selected for the right look and conformation as well as a pedigree loaded with Field Champion and National Field Champion bloodlines.

We are breeding from some of the best bloodlines in the USA and Canada.

• 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac

• FC AFC Chena River Chavez

• FC AFC Yellowstone’s TNT Explosion

• FC AFC Dare to Dream

• NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade

• FC AFC Topshelf’s Snap Decision

• NAFC Texas Troubadour &

• FC AFC First Ascender Hudson

collage of bird hunting photos
collage of bird hunting photos
man and labrador retriever in field

Labrador Retrievers:

Our Hunting Companions and Family Bonds

Our Labrador Retrievers bring joy and adventure to our lives. These dogs are more than pets; they're skilled hunters with a proven track record in the field. Each hunting season becomes an opportunity to create cherished memories, especially with my kids.

These Labradors are more than just four-legged companions; they are our hunting partners. Whether we're in the fields or woods, their enthusiasm and instinct make every hunting trip an exciting adventure. They have been trained and tested, ensuring that they perform their tasks with precision and skill.

One of the best parts of our hunting tradition is the bond it creates with my children. It's a chance for quality time together, teaching them essential skills, and instilling a deep appreciation for nature. We share laughs, stories, and the thrill of a successful hunt. These experiences not only create lasting memories but also build character and a love for the outdoors in my kids.

So, when we talk about our Labrador Retrievers, it's not just about hunting; it's about family, shared experiences, and the great outdoors. These remarkable dogs enhance our lives, teaching us valuable lessons about companionship, dedication, and the beauty of the natural world.

collage of Labrador Retrievers
collage of Labrador Retrievers retrieving birds