Marianne Hickman is a sales coach, best-selling author, world class speaker, and life changing breakthrough mentor. 

About Marianne Hickman

Marianne Hickman is not just an influencer; she's a force of nature. With over 25 years of speaking experience, Marianne has graced the stage at over 2,000 speaking engagements, inspiring countless individuals with her powerful messages on sales, mindset, and the art of being a successful individual. Her journey has seen her generate an impressive $50M in revenue as a sales leader, and she's been changing lives every step of the way.

Her Journey to Influence

Marianne's digital footprint spans across multiple platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. As an influencer, she delves deep into topics that resonate with her audience: sales strategies, cultivating a success-driven mindset, and the challenges and triumphs of being a mom in the business world.

Her passion for transforming lives led her to professional speaking. Among her many notable engagements, she has been a main speaker for events hosted by Kris Krohn, leaving an indelible mark on her audience.

Sales Mastery

Marianne's foray into sales began under the mentorship of Kris Krohn. A single challenge from him saw her effortlessly close a deal, marking the beginning of her ascent in the sales world. Today, she stands as the CEO of a thriving sales-as-a-service company, generating millions monthly. Her unique approach to sales coaching? Mindset. Marianne firmly believes that success in sales begins with believing in oneself.

Her impact as a mentor is profound. One of her mentees shares, "After 12 weeks working with Marianne, today I am celebrating two HUMONGOUS wins... She played a pivotal role in helping me rediscover and get to know myself again."

Values and Achievements

At the core of Marianne's work and interactions are her values: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, and Philanthropy. She's co-authored a book with Kris Krohn titled "Limitless" and has achieved remarkable feats in her career, including tripling sales volume during the economic downturn of the pandemic and transacting over $50M in gross sales.

What sets Marianne apart? Her just cause of "Helping as many good people become as rich as possible" and her ambitious goal of making 100,000 millionaires.

Beyond Work

Outside her professional life, Marianne is a devoted family woman who cherishes outdoor moments. She's passionate about bodybuilding, fitness, and serving others. She's deeply involved with The Kris Krohn Breakthrough Foundation and is committed to ending Child Sex Trafficking.

In three words, Marianne's personal brand is: Mom. Boss. Mentor.


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