Lori Greymont


Lori Greymont, President and Chief Executive Officer

Lori is the owner and CEO of one of the country’s leading real estate organizations, SJREI Association. SJREI is noted for having won the highly prestigious “National REIA Annual Award for Excellence” in 2011 for best overall Real Estate Investors Association, and for receiving numerous Honor of Merit awards.

Lori brings over 25 years of real estate and entrepreneurial experience to her roles. She was raised amidst the family environment of real estate investing: she has personally been buying and selling real estate since 1987. Her multi-strategy approach includes fix-and-flip, land banking, land to vertical development, rezoning, multifamily, single family sales, syndication, creating and buying notes. She has vast experience buying, selling, and managing properties nationwide.

Lori’s educational background compliments her work today: she graduated Cum Laude from Moorhead State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a minor in Computer Science.

SJREI wins 2011 National REIA Award of Excellence June, 2011–Nashville, TN

As one of the country’s leading real estate investor communities, SJREI Association won a highly prestigious award – the National REIA annual Award for Excellence for 2011 for best overall Real Estate Investors Association. The National REIA Awards for Excellence aim to encourage recognize and promote excellence and top performers in the real estate investor communities. Contributions to the real estate profession, innovation and community service were among the criteria for success in the National REIA Award for Excellence.

Additionally, SJREI Association received 2011 Honors of Merit awards.

Mission Statement

SJREI formed for a simple objective: to connect and educate investors in a genuine, productive way.

  • We are the authentic voice of reason and success in a cluttered, sometimes overwhelming space.
  • We pledge to bring you, the thoughtful investor, useful and timely information to assist you on your journey to fulfill your goals and to do so with complete transparency and integrity.
  • We are committed to helping you increase your cash-flow. Our buy and sell signals have helped many achieve their dreams many times over.
  • We bring the most intriguing industry speakers to our organization. They are the thought-leaders in the industry, so you will learn from the best.