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Because ANY Business Can Be Targeted By Cybercrime

Stop. Go to your favorite news site right now (or if you’re really old school, grab a newspaper). If you go to the technology or the business section, we guarantee you’ll find at least one story about a company that’s been hacked and lost usernames, passwords, or confidential financial information. Scary stuff, right? But those are all huge corporations like Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase. That kind of thing will never happen to your business, right?


The unfortunate truth that all business owners are having to face today is that ANY company can be targeted by cybercriminals. In fact, smaller businesses are MORE likely to be targeted because hackers (often rightly so) believe you won’t have the security needed to keep them out. Many companies never even know they’ve been compromised.

At Remote Technology, we treat IT security seriously. Our goal is to ensure that your technology is properly secured against any kind of threat, and then to stay by your side to keep you safe year after year. How do we do it? By thinking like a cybercriminal and finding any weaknesses in your defenses, breaking them open, and putting them back together the RIGHT way.

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There’s no “one size fits all” solution for security – every company has different needs. That’s why our first step in security isn’t just plopping in the same old anti-virus and firewalls every time; it’s finding out where you’re vulnerable, patching your defenses, and then working together to anticipate and prevent future threats.

Look for Vulnerabilities

To defeat a hacker, you’ve got to think like one. That means looking at your business like we’re planning to attack it – and maybe even using hacker techniques to try to break in. It’s only when we see how vulnerable you might be that we can work to protect you.

We’ll work with you to analyze your existing security settings and systems, looking for aging technologies, missed steps, broken systems, and overlooked vulnerabilities.

We’ll actually test your defenses using hacker techniques. With a variety of tactics, we’ll try to get through your security and break into your systems.

This way, we’ll learn where you’re vulnerable, and what needs to be addressed first in order to keep you safe.

Improve Your Network Security

Once we know where you’re vulnerable, we can begin to make you safe. That means improving your network security settings and tools, and using our analysis to address your key weak points and eliminate any loopholes in your defenses.

We’ll make certain that you’re using the right anti-virus, anti-spam, firewalls, and other services for your needs.

We’ll install the proper updates and upgrades to your existing systems so there are no backdoors that can be exploited.

We’ll also put in the right scanning capabilities to constantly check your systems for signs of trouble.

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Watch for Future Problems

Just putting in the best security settings and systems is no reason to be complacent. Luckily, it’s our job to stay vigilant, and we do it on your behalf. We watch out for future threats, whether they’re directly against your systems or new potential problems that mean we need to update your security.

We perform 24/7 remote monitoring on your network, so if there’s ever a threat detected, we can immediately react to keep you safe.

We’ll do regular maintenance and upgrades to your systems as necessary, so you’re not weakened by aging or inefficient technology.

We’ll stay informed on news of new threats, so we can update your security regularly to keep you protected from recently malware and hacking techniques.

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Privacy is our policy. We may contact you from time to time with special offers but we will never sell or provide your information to anyone outside of our company.


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