Recreational Tumbling Classes

Tumbling classes for ages 5-18

It’s obvious why kids and their parents adore our staff and our programs. We bend over backwards to ensure that every class is filled with S.S.L. (Sweating, Smiling, and Learning!). We realize the importance of focusing on the skills that will provide your kids with a significant advantage in life.

Tumbling Classes

Divided by Skill Level for ages 5-18

Recreational Tumbling

Ages 5-18

Our skill-based recreational tumbling classes are perfect for children ages 5-18. Each class follows progressions to help students experience success and achieve their tumbling goals.

  • Gain Confidence
  • Increase Strength
  • Build Character
  • Make Friends

Witnessing both my girls being challenge, excited, and understood is priceless.” – Vanessa L.

Teen Tumbling

Ages 13-18

Our Teen Tumbling Classes are perfect for older beginners. In a class with students close in age, learn

  • Forward and backward rolls
  • Cartwheels
  • Handstands
  • Round Offs
  • Walkovers

My favorite part was that even though [my daughter] is not a part of the actual Magnitude Cheer [team] program, they made her feel as she was.” – Karen R.






Preschool Tumbling



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Magnitude Cheer is the San Fernando Valley's premier all-star cheer gym, designed to teach children the fundamentals of cheer and tumbling. We offer a variety of ways to participate, from cheer classes and tumbling classes to private lessons and competitive all-star cheer teams. Magnitude strives to build teamwork, respect, dedication, and sportsmanship through athletics. We believe that all children are athletes and, through practice and training, can reach their maximum developmental ability.




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