Eric DeJohn has been speaking at schools with a mission to inspire and motivate people to make the right decision in their life. His mission is to reduce drug and alcohol abuse among students from elementary school to college, with an emphasis on student-athletes. For more information, testimonials, and to book a Eric, fill out the form below and he will get in touch with you.

Eric tells the story of how he had a dream at the age of 8 years old to play lacrosse at Syracuse University & play professionally thereafter as a career. Both came true, however, he had to take a big maneuver due to drugs and alcohol which forced him to make some terrible choices & almost derailed everything he worked his entire childhood for. But, it's not what happens to you it's how you respond, and for Eric the come-back story is real.

He ended up transferring to St. Johns University where he was an All-American and top 10 in the country in points his last 2 seasons and eventually got drafted to become a professional lacrosse player, bouncing back from multiple failures & adversity to make his childhood dreams come true.



"On a mission to help as many people as possible live their ideal lifestyle"

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