In 2017, Eric decided to venture into the entrepreneurship space and since has amassed over 10M in sales in personal sales, while also building multiple successful teams & even starting a call center. He has been building an Insurance Agency (Life & Health) with his partners at LC Financial Group & is expanding at a rapid pace nationwide.

Mission: LC Financial Group helps individuals obtain their success and desires by over-delivering to the marketplace

Vision: LC Financial Group creates and establishes 1 billion financial opportunities

Core Values:

1. We are accountable: We hold ourselves and our partners to their goals and targets because we know that TRUE growth DOESN’T happen by accident... Extreme accountability yields extraordinary results

2. We are ethical: We know that by operating with guidelines and standards will help us achieve our goals and targets quicker

3. We are coach-able: We understand that the WILLINGNESS to follow guidance and receive constructive criticism determines our growth

LC Financial Groups VFP ( Valuable Final Product ) Community of highly trained, competent, and motivated individuals who hold themselves and others accountable to high standards in all areas of life by duplicating the LCFG model

What does LC Financial Group provide for their partners?

1. Coaching and accountability

2. Education

3. Training and mentorship

4. State of the art training platform

5. Multiple exclusive lead resources

6. One on one coaching with experienced top producers

7. Industry best sales presentation

8. Script and Sales Process

9. Top compensation and renewals

10. Day 1 vesting

11. Top carriers

12. Multi money model

13. Multiple streams of income

14. Weekly agency calls

15. In house CRM and training

16. Freedom of schedule

17. Business blueprint and success algorithm

18. No ceiling on income

19. Focused on human quality and growth

20. Access to top industry leaders

21. Continued business growth investment and innovation

with outside multi millionaires and billionaires

What are LC Financial Groups Goals and Targets?

1. 25M organization by 2023 with 200 partners

2. 100M organization by 2025 with 1,000 partners

3. Build leaders of leaders of leaders

4. Invest in outside resources - 50k-100k/yr

5. Buy and sell businesses

6. 50 offices nationwide by 2025

7. Start an in house real estate company

8. Company Private jet

9. Start IMO and insurance company by 2025

10. Disrupt the entire life and health industry

11. Donate 10M/mo to foundations, charities, and

communities by 2030

12. Start our own foundation and charity

13. 20,000 partners by 2030

14. In house mail house and call center resources

LC Financial Group is expanding nationwide & is looking for committed individuals that are serious about taking their life to the next level. If you feel like you'd be a good fit, send Eric a 60 second video as to why you would be!



"On a mission to help as many people as possible live their ideal lifestyle"

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