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Reach More People and Engage with Your Customers with Our Social Media Services

Businesses need to tap social media sites that let them reach and engage their customers.

Companies that need help with their social media can turn to Choice Exposure Marketing. Our social media services help you listen in on what people are saying about your brand. We develop strategies that work effectively on various social networking platforms.

Social Media Marketing: Why Is This Important to Small and Medium Businesses?

Social media marketing has become a vital part of digital marketing strategy among small and medium businesses due to its cost-effectiveness, as well as its ability to improve your brand awareness and visibility and reach targeted audiences quickly.

On top of that, Mediabistro, a website that provides resources for media professionals, says that 73 percent of small businesses utilize social media websites as marketing tools. It clearly shows the increasing importance of social media marketing among these businesses.

If your business doesn’t have social media as part of your marketing strategy, now would be a good time to include it. By doing so, you’ll reap the following benefits:

Easy Acquisition of Customers

eMarketer, a market research firm, estimated in 2017 that 2.48 billion people worldwide used social media. With such a massive figure, the likelihood of acquiring customers on social media platforms is high.

Improved Customer Loyalty & Retention

When your business has a social media presence, you make it easy for potential and existing customers to find and reach out to you. By connecting with your customers via social media, you’re more likely to boost customer loyalty and retention.

Increased Site Traffic

Sharing your content on social media gives users a reason to click through to your business website. When you share more quality content, you generate more inbound traffic and increase your conversion opportunities.

Our Process to Help You Reach Your Audience

Our social media marketing team works with you to figure out the platforms that will connect your business with the right audience. You can count on our marketing specialists, who have years of experience in managing and deploying social media strategies, to do the following:

Onboarding and Strategy – Our team assesses the current social media presence of your business and designs a plan based on the specific goals of your company.

Campaign Setup – We devise creative elements for the plan we designed and finish the setup of your social media campaigns.

Data Analysis – From time to time, our team analyzes the data from the running campaigns to find out any areas for improvement.

Campaign Adjustment – We use the analyzed data to tweak the ad campaigns to achieve better results.

Let Us Handle the Social Media Platforms

of Your Business

Many business owners have no time to manage their social media channels and engage with users. Let our team do the work for you so you can devote more of your time and effort in growing your business. You can depend on us to keep your customers connected and engaged with your brand. Schedule a consultation today by emailing adeborja@choiceexposuremarketing.com.

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