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Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is used to remove rust, strains or dirt from surfaces before priming or painting can begin. Our company provides sandblasting services at a low cost to customers in Fargo who need quick and reliable abrasive blasting. There are several reasons why you may want sandblasting services, and depending on which option you choose, surfaces such as glass, stone, metal, wood and aluminum can be sandblasted using water-driven or air-driven processes Some advantages of sandblasting are the quick removal of dirt and stains and the simple machinery requirements.

Paint Removal

Sandblasting is used to strip surfaces of paint residue, chips and cracks left over from an old paint job. Sandblasting is a quick and reliable method of cleaning a surface and preparing walls and fencing for coats primer and paint. To make sure all contaminants are removed our painting contractors use different blasting processes to clear away paint, dirt and any hard to remove substances that cling to a surface. Once the paint is stripped off the wood, metal or concrete surface, the painting can begin. After the removal of stains, mold and dirt the surface is able to more easily absorb and retain any paint or primer that is applied.

Rust & Dirt Removal

For metal surfaces, sandblasting serves an additional purpose. Along with the removal of dirt, paint, stains and other contaminants; sandblasting helps to remove years of accumulated rust that would otherwise be very difficult if not impossible to get rid of. Our company provides sandblasting for metal surfaces that need paint restoration or an entirely new color applied. With rust removal we are able to get rid of oxidized material residue that may alter the pattern and the shape of a given surface. Whereas some contractors may simply paint over hard to remove dust or rust, our team at Fargo Painting Company works to create the right conditions for painting a metal surface and hence makes sure your fence, garage door, railing or metal furniture lasts longer.

Coating Preparation

Coating comes in many forms. Whether a customer requires Epoxy floor coating, Masonry or roof coating sandblasting must be done beforehand. Blasting before coating not only saves money but allows for effective coating application. If a surface is not effectively cleaned before applying coating, problems may occur that make it necessary to redo the entire coating process. Sandblasting is the fastest and most efficient method of ensuring that surfaces remain moisture free in addition to stopping any corrosive material from forming underneath the coating. This again could lead to re-cleaning and re-coating of surfaces.

Brick & Stone Restoration

Brick and stone can often be stained, suffer from dirt, weathering and mold. In order to restore these surfaces to their original splendor, our painting contractors use sandblasting to remove stains from paint, dirt motor and cement. In addition to these contaminants, work done on other areas of the home such as roofing or unprofessional paint jobs may need to be cleared. Brick and Stone used in flooring is particularly susceptible to stains and dirt and will often have grime filled cracks that are hard to clean using normal household pressure washers. Let us take care of the hard tedious work of restoring your brick and stone.



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