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Many residents of Fargo North Dakota often ask our contractors about our log home staining services. Log homes and cabins are often exposed to sun, rain, snow, and hail and this can have adverse effects on the durability of the home as well as lead to several problems down the line. At Fargo Painting company we want to help you preserve the home so that you and your family can ensure a pest-free, well maintained and beautiful log home or cabin for years to come. Log home staining is one of the best ways to keep a log home looking clean, natural and fresh throughout for many seasons.

Cedar Staining

Our staining professionals are experienced in treating and staining cedar. We offer natural, color, opaque or semi-transparent staining options for cedar wood surfaces. Depending on your requirements our painting contractors will be able to advise you on the best options for your needs. If you want to prevent the deterioration of your cedar and reduce the possibility of water damage or wood rot we can provide several options that look great while protecting your home. Interested in adding some color to your cedar wood walls – our staining contractors have worked on hundreds of cabins and log homes in Fargo. We can offer safe and durable staining done by highly experienced professionals.

Power Washing & Staining Prep

Preparing your log surfaces for staining is a much needed and often overlooked step well log home staining. At Fargo Painting Company our house painters start off removing dirt and chipped paint creating a smooth surface on which to work. Preparing log cabins can be time consuming and tedious and often leads to poor results if professional home painters aren’t experienced. Our staining contractors thoroughly clear away dirt and grime and prepare the wood for painting and staining in a fraction of the time, leading to less down time and faster results. If you’re interested in getting your log home or cabin ready for painting or staining, contact us now. We’re ready to help

Sanding & Conditioning

Our contractors will sand and smooth away any rough surfaces that may obstruct the staining process. Making sure the wood is conditioned and ready for painting if fundamental to achieving a clean natural stained log home look. Conditioning also ensures that your log home or cabin is resistant to damage from weather and pests that may deteriorate the quality of the wood. Our painting contractors will work to clear off any loose wood chips or flaking and ensure any raised or uneven surfaces and tended to before painting and staining


Scraping involves removal of dead wood, scraping off and smoothing warped wood surfaces. We can help with all your wood restoration needs. Our company ensures the highest level health and safety standards to ensure that any potentially dangerous substances, rot or mold is scraped clean and not simply painted over and hidden. We offer every pricing for refinishing log homes and cabins. Using the proper tools, our expert house painters can handle all scraping and staining projects that you need done quickly and effectively. if you need skilled house painters to take your projects from start to finish, from preparation to the final coat of stain or paint, don’t hesitate to contact us. We work within your budget and requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.



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