The Cichocki Family

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The Dombeck Family

Derek and Tracy started investing in 2003 without a network or a team to collaborate with. For the first three years in business, we did what most rookies did. We bought rental properties using only bank financing and hid our business from the world. We were closet investors. Then the market crashed, and the banks stopped working with us. We had two choices, Get creative or QUIT. This is when we started to seek out others and the magic of networking turning our business and lives around.

Now after several hundred real estate transactions, a hard money lending business and the three mastermind groups we lead, our focus is to give back. The Captains of the Deal Networking Cruise was one of the main ways we built our current real estate family and our focus with The Generations of Wealth Voyage is to expand that family.

The Dombeck’s live in central Wisconsin with their 3 kids. We enjoy traveling, spending time with wonderful real estate friends and showing our children that there is another way to live. We don’t know if our children will follow in our footsteps one day, but we are preparing them to be the next generation of wealth. Your network is your net worth.

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