Our most popular coaching service for anyone with basic lifestyle goals to look and feel their best—free of food restriction—using a flexible and macro-based approach to nutrition. We offer three tiers of support to meet your personal needs.



Who is it for: Anyone wanting to reach body, health, habit, or mindset goals using a flexible, macro-based approach to nutrition with the guidance, support, and accountability of an educated, science based, and experienced coach.

Why you should commit: Doing it alone works lasts as long as motivation does. It comes and goes, but having a coach provides additional purpose, accountability, and support to your process. This program is for you if you have been "on and off", going through phases of "quick fix" restrictive cycles, or just feel like you need the additional support to stay focused. You deserve to look, feel, and perform your best while still enjoying the foods you love and living your life. Nutrition shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be stressful and we want you to find peace with food and your body during this process.

Team experience and credentials:

  • Over 1000 people served over 7 years

  • All coaches has completed a formal 4-6 month internship and education.

  • All PBS have formal science- based education, practical coaching experience, and practice this lifestyle themselves

  • All coaches are working on continuing education


  • A personalized nutrition based on YOUR needs and lifestyle (macro and micro nutrients)

  • A coach that shows you how to fill your personalized nutrition plan with foods you enjoy, work best with your body, and provide ongoing education over the course of your process

  • A resource library to help you succeed and provide ongoing education

  • Access to a private Longevity By Science network community

  • Lifestyle + and Premium Lifestyle get in depth coaching and a customized training program.

  • Lifestyle + and Premium Lifestyle get individualized cardio prescription based off your capabilities, enjoyment, and goal.

  • Premium Lifestyle members get LIVE face- face weekly checkins and custom weight training program.


Once your application is processed and you speak with one of our support representatives, you will then fill out a very detailed questionnaire, do some forms, and submit your payment. Upon its return, your coach will then create your complete program within 48 hours and officially welcome you to the PBS community. You will start tracking your food and habits, then check in with your coach weekly; each week working on ways to improve and refine your process to reach your goals. Your process will change as you do, which is what makes it like no other program you've experienced before.



While in-depth coaching is the most effective way to get results, we get it. It is a mental, financial, and time commitment. Condensed Lifestyle is a condensed version of our lifestyle program for anyone short on time or money, or simply doesn’t want or need in-depth weekly feedback from a coach.

Get accountability and know how much to eat while removing the guesswork, as your weekly check-in will be a basic macro, micronutrient, adherence, energy, and hunger assessment followed by any necessary macro tweaks.

*Not for those new to tracking food or macros


We are here to help you look and feel your absolute best as safely, effectively, and sustainably as possible. This program teaches you how to track macros, how to fill those macros with the proper food selection for you, and when to eat. Additionally, this includes a weekly cardio / movement prescription.

Your weekly check-ins will receive same day in-depth feedback from your coach via video feedback, which includes a plan, advice, and support for the upcoming week. You are welcome to message your coach via email during the week if you have a question. Includes training program.

*Great for those new to tracking food and macros


Some people need more support when it comes to nutrition coaching, and that’s okay! If a weekly check-in with our video software isn’t going to be enough for you, you may need more regular face- face contact with someone to ask questions and receive guidance between check-ins. Our Premium Lifestyle service offers weekly live face- face video check in to ensure you're showing up and getting the progress you want. Additionally, this includes a weekly cardio / movement prescription as well as a custom weight training program. Email support throughout the week as you have questions or perhaps need a little mental boost one day. This is the most involved program and will be the best if you're needing a lot of support, your schedule is changing consistently, and need more of a "tell me what to do, but I still want to learn" approach. Includes training program.

*Best for those new to tracking food and macros


We've worked with hundreds of clients who have transformed their bodies, improved their health, performance and made positive and sustainable changes to their nutrition and lifestyle.



Going from lean to shredded is a science and beautiful art. Lizzy came from a dancing background and aspired to get on a bodybuilding stage again in peak shape. She was able to achieve this goal with her nutrition being completely vegan.

We worked closely with live check ins weekly to ensure she was progressing. She did all of this while earning her PhD in cell biology and medicine, which meant time was not on our side and stress management was a huge part of our transformational process. After her dieting phase was over, we were able to keep the body fat off by going through a reverse diet phase- this ensured her metabolism was restored, as she was able to eat 1000 calories more and fat gain did not happen post diet!


Eating less and moving more is not always the answer! Using the science of metabolism and Bens individual needs, we were able to get him in peak conditioning while eating nearly 1000 calories more and doing half the exercise.

Ben learned to fuel his week with nutrient dense foods while also including free meals and sweets into his plan consistently- this helped him overcome binge eating from too much restriction. Ben has went on to start his own fitness company and successfully achieved his dream of becoming a professional model in Thailand.



Patti came from a background of eating less and moving more. When her menopause ended, it left her the heaviest she has been at 210 lbs and eating near 1000 calories. We were able to lose nearly 30 lbs in 3 months and total 50 lbs in 5 months through our approach- which had her eating 75% more, doing exercise she enjoyed, and eating the food she enjoyed. At 55, she was able to get in better shape than she was in her late 20s.

With the sustainable approach to fat loss we used, she has been able to keep the weight off long term, while gaining her health and confidence back With the right approach built off of understanding how we work on the inside, results can happen quite quickly, as we saw here.

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