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Who We Have Worked With

We never shy away from a company who wants to put their community and values first. We have worked with companies in many different industries. We pride ourselves on the dedication and commitment we have to each business we work with and below are just a few companies that we’ve helped reach their full potential.


Al driven sales system that works 24/7 no matter what they are doing


Predictable, profitable sales and growth


Have more time to do the things you love to do

Do You Know the Top 5 Ways That Small Business Owners Self-Sabotage When Attempting to Capture and Convert Leads Online?

What Makes VIBES SO Special

We Help You Become a B.O.L.D. Entrepreneur (that stands for Business Ownership + Lifestyle Design - using your business to fuel the life that you want)

Attract the attention of your ideal core customers, create deeper relationships with your audience, and scale your revenue.

Automate your sales and marketing so you can have the flexibility to work when and where you want, do more of what you love, and still profitably grow your business.

Gain the confidence that you can grow your business - any business - to seven-figures and beyond.

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Step #3

Enjoy Life as Our System Works for Your and Your Business

More Freedom

Do you feel like you are just doing your job instead of building your legacy business? Are you constantly trying to balance work, family and your personal health and wellness?

More Money

You created this business because you have a goal to create a better world. Don’t just live paycheck to paycheck or customer to customer. Take the test below so we can help you with your purpose and your mission.

More Impact

At Vibes we are the only Digital Marketing Agency focused on applying the R4 Profit Framework strategy (Reputation, Reach, Resell, and Referral) to create the ultimate sales machine. Let us help you transform your business so you can transform your life, and your community.

To Scale Your Business and Increase Revenue, You Have to Master the Basics of Automating Sales, Lead Nurturing, Prospecting and Fulfillment but You May Face These Problems…

The Status Quo

We know digital marketing, sales automation, and working on our business are critical to our success.

However, we aren't getting enough of it done, and/or spending too much time working IN our business and need to recover some of our time to work on other things.

Solution Features

Build an AI powered 'Customer Engagement System' that leverages content marketing and paid media to quickly build your brand, acquire ideal prospects, and increase the size of your opportunity pipeline.

Use an AI powered 'Relationship Bridge' to establish 'First Position', build goodwill via campaigns, lead generation, VIP content, and become the obvious choice of your prospects.

Create an automated AI powered 'Value Accelerator' sales funnel that converts goodwill to sales with less effort and maximizes revenue growth by continuing to deliver more value to your happy customers.

What Makes Us Unique?

Based on the proven strategies and automated AI powered marketing systems used by VIBES & GENIUS Leverage, with over 355 businesses and 55+ different industries.

These strategies and frameworks are evergreen and will scale with you for years...not short-term tactics.

R4 Profit Framework TM

The Proven Marketing Philosophy That We Craft All Our Systems Around to Ensure 25 Percent Growth or More at Your Business in the Next 12 Months!


What are you doing to use your successful relationships to create new, organic opportunities so that you can spend less and make more? Since you’re doing such an outstanding job taking care of your customers and keeping them happy, the next best thing you can do is set up systems to maximize the benefit you get from them, right?


What are you doing to upsell, cross sell and repeat sell to maximize the lifetime value of your customer base? Once you've done all of the hard and often costly work of getting a customer, you need to maximize the lifetime value, or LTV, of that customer.


What are you doing to ensure that more people know about you today than yesterday? It’s my experience that a business that wants to grow needs to make sure that more people know about it today than did yesterday.


What are you doing to proactively manage, protect and monetize your most valuable asset—your reputation? It has never been easier for potential customers to find out what others think about your business. This is both good and bad (depending on what people find).

Case Studies / Success Stories

Burger King

Click here to read about a newly open local Burger King restaurant to increase awareness in the neighborhood and foot traffic to the restaurant.

Dairy Queen

Click here to read about a local Dairy Queen looking to increase distribution of their special offers and coupon in their market.


We develop websites that are a foundation of a complete, integrated marketing system designed to get you more patients. We call this system our GENIUS Leverage Client Engine.

Infinity Clinic

We develop websites that are a foundation of a complete, integrated marketing system designed to get you more patients. We call this system our GENIUS Leverage Client Engine.

God's Money

Changing lives. Uniting local communities. Making a difference. It's never too late to make a positive impact in your community. God’s Money is our giving initiative built on compassion, hope, friendship and charity.


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