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We offer the services to completely transform your company into the legacy business of your dreams. We audit, coach, help you build relationships, keep your customers flowing in and build your referral base.

What Can We Provide

By focusing on the 4 R strategy, Referral, Resell, Reach and Reputation, we can help you reach your maximum potential to become the B.O.L.D. Entrepreneur

with purpose and passion.

B.O.L.D. Entrepreneurs Audit & Profit Mapping

45 Minute Audit & Profit Mapping Session that helps B.O.L.D Entrepreneurs apply the R4 Profit Framework to powerfully and efficiently engage their perfect clients. This session will allow businesses to grow revenue and be more profitable because of it, and use their business to make an impact.

The GENIUS 7 Figure Marketing System

Customized strategic AI powered marketing campaigns, training, actionable tools based on the R4 Profit Framework. Our system helps B.O.L.D. entrepreneurs have more freedom, earn more money, and make a bigger impact.

GENIUS Client Attraction System

The ‘websites-as-a-service’ model can serve as the foundation for a complete offer to a specific niche that is very high-value, naturally produces very long-term recurring revenue, and will make any other service you are offering them perform even better!

À la carte Services

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • CRM & Pipeline Management
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • SEO
  • Website Builder
  • Call Tracking
  • Surveys and Forms
  • Booking and Appointments
  • AI Marketing Technology Integration
  • Courses/Products
  • Reputation Management

R4 Profit Framework TM

The Proven Marketing Philosophy That We Craft All Our Systems Around to Ensure 25 Percent Growth or More at Your Business in the Next 12 Months!


What are you doing to use your successful relationships to create new, organic opportunities so that you can spend less and make more? Since you’re doing such an outstanding job taking care of your customers and keeping them happy, the next best thing you can do is set up systems to maximize the benefit you get from them, right?


What are you doing to upsell, cross sell and repeat sell to maximize the lifetime value of your customer base? Once you've done all of the hard and often costly work of getting a customer, you need to maximize the lifetime value, or LTV, of that customer.


What are you doing to ensure that more people know about you today than yesterday? It’s my experience that a business that wants to grow needs to make sure that more people know about it today than did yesterday.


What are you doing to proactively manage, protect and monetize your most valuable asset—your reputation? It has never been easier for potential customers to find out what others think about your business. This is both good and bad (depending on what people find).

What Makes VIBES SO Special

We Help You Become a B.O.L.D. Entrepreneur (that stands for Business Ownership + Lifestyle Design - using your business to fuel the life that you want)

Attract the attention of your ideal core customers, create deeper relationships with your audience, and scale your revenue.

Automate your sales and marketing so you can have the flexibility to work when and where you want, do more of what you love, and still profitably grow your business.

Gain the confidence that you can grow your business - any business - to seven-figures and beyond.


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