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Digital Marketing Services for Roofing & Solar Contractors

After most Roofing and Solar Contractors see our information they want to knw what the secret formula is that makes us triple their sales. They want to understand what our marketing strategy is, how it works and how companies have been able to multiply their leads and sales by getting to the top of search engines.

Most common question that we get asked by Roofing & Solar Contractors who are already running their businesses is: "I understand you help other Roofing & Solar Contractors triple their sales by getting their internet marketing right, but... what exactly do you do?"

The next few videos will take you through the entire process, step-by-step to help you understand exactly what we do, and how we do it to bring amazing results for our clients.

Web Design

A good responsive website that is optimized for mobile devices brings your business one step closer to be ranked high on Google and Bing searches. Our team works on creating highly responsive web designs and the mockups are finalized with your feedback. We ensure that your customers experience seamless navigation on any device. The websites not only reflect your brand image but are also super fast ensuring a seamless user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the web development process?

It depends on which stage your website is currently at and what is your vision for the new website. For us it is a two-step process. First we get design mockups approved by you and then the development starts. Our emphasis is on mobile responsiveness, user experience, scalability, security and integration with other tools as the need arises.


How long will the post-launch maintenance services be provided by you?

We believe in providing you with a seamless experience and therefore we guarantee continuous support and maintenance post-launch. These include regular website updates, security measures, backups and technical support as agreed upon at the time of contract initiation.

Mobile friendly
Super Fast
Easy Navigation con
Easy to Navigate
Easy to Scale


We couldn't emphasize the importance of having a good solid visibility on the internet especially for businesses in the home services industry. Gone are the days of yellow pages and phone directories, today potential customers are sifting through the internet looking for Roofing & Solar Contractors who can get the job done. We take pride in working our way through algorithm complexities to rank you on top of your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can SEO improve the organic flow of leads for our website?

SEO helps your website rank on search engines so that it becomes organically discoverable by potential customers. We have expertise in on-page SEO, keyword search, link building, technical SEO and content strategy which help improve your online presence to increase the number of leads and sales, build your authority and trust and allow you to stand out from the competitors.


What measurable outcomes can we expect from your SEO services?

Through SEO we help increase your website traffic, improve keyword ranking and conversion rates. From the discovery call we set clear expectations and write transparent KPIs (key performance indicators) that help us conduct data driven reporting and produce tangible results.

Improved online presence
Established authority in the industry
Stand out from competitors
Higher leads, better sales

Social Media Management

Nothing beats the importance of being visible on social platforms where your potential customers are most likely hanging out. Building connection and growing your social network lets you maintain a loyal customer base while reaching out to potential new clients passively. We help you leverage the power of social media to understand your customers and target their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What social media marketing strategies will you adopt to grow our business?

For Roofing & Solar Contracting businesses we leverage the power of social networks to understand what the clients need. Social platforms are like mini gatherings where people of the same interests come together to seek help and share their experiences. We use content creation, community management, paid advertising and influencer partnerships that guarantee multiplying your leads and growing your business atleast 3x if not more.


How does your company measure success and ROI of social media marketing campaigns?

We diligently monitor and track KPIs for measuring campaign success such as improvements in engagement rates, increase in number of followers, lead conversion stats and customer acquisition metrices. Our focus is on transparent reporting so that you are in the loop and stay updated along the way. Keeping a tap on these metrics also enables us to adapt on the go thus ensuring maximum ROI for your business.

Understanding your audience
Relevant Content & Right Channel
Growing your customer base
Paid advertising strategies


We use Google and Bing Ads Local Service Ads and Facebook ads for running targeted ad campaigns, Through pay-per-click and pay-per-lead services your business is ranked at the very top of all search engine pages such as Google. Bing and Facebook. We strictly monitor KPIs such as: What was the total ad-spent? How was the money spent? What was the average cost per click? What was the average cost per lead? The continuous monitoring allows us to improve our ad targeting and retargeting and maximize the return on investment made in advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will pay-per-click drive relevant traffic to my website and generate leads?

Pay-per-click campaigns are run on Google, Bing and Facebook and are targeted towards specific audiences. We look for high ranking keywords and target specific demographics that result in website conversions. Our team uses the power of creating compelling ad copy, setting appropriate budgets and optimizing campaigns to make sure you get the most return on your investment.


What is the estimated cost of running a paid ads campaign?

Ad campaign budget is highly subjective and depends on what a business wants to achieve and how much is it willing to spend. We conduct in-depth keyword research, create landing and service pages, and implement split test ad copy to ensure only the best performing ads targeted to the right customers at the lowest cost per click are implemented.

Keyword Research
Landing Page Design
Competitor Analysis
Data Driven Ads

Reputation Management

Online reputation is one of the most significant pillars for building a scalable home services business. When you are working inside people's homes, it is important for them to know you care. In order to be seen as a trustworthy Roofing & Solar contractor you need to not only have positive reviews but you also need to respond to the reviews that you are getting online.

This lets existing customers know you care and also lets potential clients understand that if anything ever goes wrong you will b ethere to fix it..

Reputation Management Lets You

Generate Reviews + Respond to Reviews = WIN ONLINE

Monitor your reputation online
Improve the number of reviews
Respond to all reviews

Our Mission is to 3x the sales of Roofing & Solar Companies


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