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Paid Advertising For Roofing & Solar Contractors That Delivers Results

Leverage Paid Advertising to Help Your Customers Find You From Anywhere

Local Service Ads

Google paid ads are a pay per lead service that pushes your ads to the top of Google search results page.

Google & Bing Ads

You have the opportunity to show up at the top of Google and Bing's paid listings making it easier for customers to search for your services.

Facebook Ads

Facebook lets you segment your audience and run targetted campaigns towards selected demographics leading to better chances of conversions.

Our Approach

Landing Page Design

We design custom branded landing pages with clear messaging and CTAs that ensure maximum conversions.

Competitor analysis

Through thorough competitor analysis we shortlist keywords with maximum volume within your service area. We also use market analysis to get higher ad positioning and low per lead cost.

Customized Approach

Through paid advertising campaigns you have the control over scaling your marketing budget and lead generation as you find appropriate.

Data Driven Strategy

Using keyword research, landing page designs and split ad test we ensure that you get low cost, high quality leads that comvert

Which Metrics Do We Measure

We constantly monitor the performance of our Facebook and Google ads to make minor tweaks to our overall strategy on an on-going basis in order to produce maximum results. Our Ad specialists perform routine split tests to monitor advertising KPIs before making informed decisions. These KPIs include tracking total how much and where the total advertising budget was spent, average cost per click and average cost per lead.

This regular monitoring enables us to make all paid campaigns including retargeting campaigns work for our client's business goals and objectives.

What Are Google Local Service Ads

If you run a local Roofing or Solar contracting business you must have heard of the Google Local Service Ads. Google Local Service Ads allow your business to be advertised at the very top of Google Search engine - above all organic and paid listings, searches and maps. It is a pay-per-lead service where the leads are received through messages and phone calls. The cost is set for all leads much like Home Advisor and is determined by your local service area (average cost per lead is $23-25).

When a customer searches for the services you offer on Google, your business will appear in the the Local Services unit at the top of Google's search results. The customers can click on your ad and contact you through messages or calls. Once they do, you receive a notification in the Local Services Ads app and you also receive an email.

You must respond to each request as swiftly as you can even if you are going to reject it. Regularly delaying or failing to respond affects your ad ranking and the option to send messages to your business may be removed.

Your ranking in Google Local Service Ads helps you get matched to more consumers and is determined by the following factors:

  • Proximity to consumers

  • Number & quality of review score

  • Responsiveness to customer queries and complaints

  • Hours of operation

  • The number and frequency of bad complaints received by Google against your business

Why Google Local Service Ads Matter

Google & Bing Ads

Facebook Ads

Local Service Ads

  • Pay Per Lead instead of Pay Per Click

  • Google Guarantee Badge for Building Trust

  • Voice Search Results for more Visibility

If you want to take advantage of the Google Local Service Ads but don't know where to start? We would love to help!

Call and we will help you expedite the process.


Interweb Dynamics?

Why choose Interweb DYnamics? because we offer personalized attention, transparency, proven results, industry expertise and a comprehensive approach to sustainale business growth for Roofing and Solar contractors.y

Our Mission

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Our Philosophy

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Our Promise

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Our Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can your marketing services help my business stand out from the competitors?

We start by building on your strengths and making them known to potential clients within your region. Through in-depth market research and competitor analysis we create messaging that appeals to your target audience and addresses their needs effectively.


What sets your marketing agency apart from the competitors?

We offer a customized, holistic approach and data driven strategies that guarantee maximum return on your investment. We take every business personally and do not believe in selling a cookie cutter formula.


How do you generate leads and measure success of marketing strategies for roofing & solar businesses?

We mostly focus on using in-bound marketing strategies for targeting your ideal customers which include SEO, Social Media, Reputation management and Lead nurturing.


How long will it take for my business to see the results of successful marketing strategies?

It depends on your goal. Our data driven approach helps maximize returns through continuous adapting our strategies based on results. You will start seeing visible signs of progress such as better website traffic, higher social media engagement and increase in leads generated within the first one to two months time

Our Mission is to 3x the sales of Roofing & Solar Companies


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