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Oftentimes when scaling, there's a need for both attaining corporate clients, and creating a strategic plan to attain large revenue goals that are required to generate returns.

Many times we may have existing corporate relationships to "land" larger deals, yet we solve the problem of implementing a sustainable process for client acquisition, expansion and retention plan that allows for more accurate sales forecasting and confidence in achieving aggressive revenue targets.

Hiring a Chief Revenue Officer can be expensive and the problem with just relying on existing relationships to land clients is that it's not sustainable to reach aggressive growth targets regularly in order to forecast growth with confidence.

About Us

We Provide A Hands On Approach

While marketing firms help with lead generation, our background and expertise lies in the entire revenue umbrella - spanning marketing, sales, retention and strategic account growth. This allows for smarter, more dialed in processes and execution leading to a more efficient and profitable revenue generation muscle.

While many sales strategists and CROs focus on only strategic planning and advisory, we operate as a player coach and have capabilities to support implementation in a player-coach mentality.


Strategic Plan Development

One time deliverable.

We generate a tailored strategic revenue playbook based upon your revenue goals and positioning. We work backwards from your revenue goal, to calculate the marketing, sales activities at each stage of the pipeline. We recommend processes that need to be in place in order to reach your B2B revenue goals as you work to set up your go to market sales organization.


Consulting work based on scope.

We work to implement your strategic expansion plan by establishing your B2B revenue motion. We step in as a fractional CRO to establish, grow or improve retention of your existing B2B sales. Contact us to discuss your specific need.


Monthly retainer.

We assist you in your go-to-market efforts as your coach, where we advise CEOs and Founders on establishing and expanding their B2B go to market motion.


Gwenn McGuire

"I was struggling with the task of restructuring my company given the learnings of the past year. Redefining personas and marketing/sales strategy was most urgent.
Kelley provided an all encompassing template that supported my restructure and 2024 plan."

Alexander J. Brooks

CEO, Linked In Lead Generation

“Out of all the sales experts I know, there is no one who has better simplified selling into corporate than Kelley. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to scale their sales with simple, actionable, quantifiable strategies. Just reach out and see if she’s a fit - you’ll know after 1 convo."

Katty Lopez DeGull

"I have hired Empowered Engagement in a fractional CRO model and Kelley and her team continue to support my business plan and strategies as their own, with much passion, alignment and commitment as I do. I am much closer to my sales goal in a much quicker timeframe than any other program, consultant or coaching."

About Kelley O'Keeffe

Kelley has 20 years of experience in sales, and 15 in strategic sales. She built her career in global technology sales studying each aspect of the revenue process including lead generation, sales, account expansion and renewals. Growing her career from making 100 phone calls per day during the 2007 recession, to leading a 300 person global sales and renewals team during the world's largest acquisition and simultaneous COVID pandemic. She has an MBA from The University of Georgia, and has experience with product and service-based tech startups, and professional history with established firms such as IBM and Gartner.


How is Revenue Consulting different from Marketing?

Revenue is the term we use to describe the ENTIRE revenue generation process - it is inclusive of marketing, sales, retention and account expansion. Our firm has experience in all of these areas, and so we are able to provide market research, positioning and marketing services that have the over arching revenue strategy in mind.

What is your service delivery model?

We operate in three ways:
1. Strategic Plan Development - We generate a revenue plan and projection for your company as a one time deliverable. Flat, fixed fee.
2. Consulting - We work with your existing resources execute to execute against your strategic plan. Pricing based on scope.
3. Advisory - We meet with you monthly to keep you and your team on track to meet your goals. Flat monthly retainer fee.

What do you provide that others don't?

We are unique in that we have extensive experience across all facets of the revenue generation landscape, and yet are still somewhat hands on and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves. Oh, and we're woman-owned - all of our revenue strategies keep gender equity in mind.

What does "Hands on" mean?

We do not sit back behind a spreadsheet just to communicate revenue projections and give advice like some Fractional CROs that are tired or retired. We occupy that player-coach space where we can create a strategy, but actually jump in where needed to help you execute to reach your goals.

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