MAY 16, 2020

Common Mistakes Made by Business Owners

Not sending your invoice out as soon as the work has been completed

Why wouldn’t you issue your invoice? Is it time? Is it because you aren’t in a rush to get paid?

I mean, what do you gain by not issuing an invoice. You have got that work in place, which you have probably worked worked damn hard to get. You do the work but you then think “I will send that invoice off when I get a minute”

No Specific “Payment/Due Date” on your Invoice

Are your invoices clear? Yeah you can just apply “7/14/30” terms if you want but how will your customer interpret that? “Due on Receipt” – How will your customer interpret that?

Listen to Excuses

Do you keep allowing your client to give you every “excuse” under the sun? If your client continually gives you excuses, then you are allowing them to take the p*ss out of you and your work. How many times do you listen to those excuses?

Follow Up

When your invoice becomes due, and the money isn’t showing in your bank account, what do you do? Do you just keep checking your Bank account for the next week/month hoping for the best or do you do something about it?

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