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Our company was founded to help save lives. Coast Guard statistics prove that most drowning deaths occur when people fall out of small boats.

Watch this video to hear our founder describe what happened to him, and why he founded the company.

“Not Open to the Public”

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Mercedes Ortega-Bonser


Originally a Machinist by trade, Ed worked for over 40 years for premier product companies including General Electric and General Dynamics. Ed has also competed as a world-class fisherman throughout the East Coast, and helped found a Pennsylvania branch of Trout Unlimited. Fishing is his passion, and after his personal experience with near-drowning, he dedicated himself to helping make fishing and boating safer for all. Back to Top

Mercedes has more than 20 years of experience developing and executing successful marketing and sales strategies. She held such positions as Director of Operations, Consultant and Store Manager at companies including Verizon and T-Mobile. Her experience was a great fit to work with Ed to develop this company to help save lives.


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