The Best Gym for Women's Fitness

on Hilton Head Island

The only gym in Hilton Head focussed on the 40+ community. Reach your goals without ever feeling like the old person in the gym.


"Active Life is an exceptional community of coaches and students working together to improve everyone’s overall health. It’s more than a gym - it’s a way of life. "

- Karen W


"They are amazing, encouraging and understanding. They push you just the right amount to achieve your maximum fitness level without any chance of injury. I cannot possibly recommend him enough!!!"

- Jen D

Prioritize yourself, while looking and feeling in control!

All with a group of motivated women, like you!

Taking the time to take care of yourself, before others, is challenging. We are here to guide you to looking and feeling your best.

Getting Support Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

You’re One Call Away From The Support You Deserve

STEP 1: Schedule a Call

You’ll speak 1-on-1 with an Active Life Coach to discover exactly what will be most beneficial for you and see if Power Over Parkinson’s is a good fit.

STEP 2: Experience The Magic

Come in for our small group classes, work specifically on the things you need at the level you’re at, and connect with your new friends…for FREE!

STEP 3: A Vastly Improved Quality of Life

From greater motor control and independence, to an increased level of happiness, friendships and a greater quality of life well lived.

Healthy-Her Women's group is perfect for:

Lose It For Good

Start feeling your best by looking the way you want. Together we help find the right way to lose the weight and keep it off for good, and with fad diets!

Ready For Something Different

Start doing what you and your body need now, and stop doing what you thought you needed in your 20s. Life has changed, you have changed ...and so have your needs!

Love Like Minded Women

We coach in a small group setting because the power of community can move mountains. This way you get a personal coach and a group of friends!

Our clients will tell you!

They love the personal support they get.

Jennifer shares what Active Life has done for her, we know we can do the same for you.

What You’ll Experience in the Healthy-Her Group

Here are just a few things you get with this community

Small Group Training w/ A Purpose

We run small groups of 6 or less, so you ALWAYS get the attention you deserve, with the friendships you love, and the plan you need!

Nutritional Guidance designed for you

Everyone is different and so are your nutritional needs. You and your coach will come up with the perfect plan for you to reach your specific goals.

Support Outside of The Class

No matter what questions, concerns or needs you have, inside or outside of the gym, you will always have access to a coach to support you at every turn.

Shannon Alford


Shannon Alford serves as Delay the Disease Fitness Instructor for Your Active Life, focusing on adapting exercise plans to all levels of the disease, valuable to newly diagnosed and progressed states alike. 

She is dedicated to empowering people with Parkinson's disease, and without, to live better, optimize function, and restore independence.  Before this rewarding role, Shannon was a Home Care Consultant for Home Instead, serving Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Beaufort territories. She contributed to the Company’s overall strategic direction, including community outreach to educate individuals, families, and health professionals about provided services.   

Shannon is a certified L1 CrossFit trainer, certified Delay the Disease instructor, and is currently pursuing her NASM personal trainer and L1 CrossFit Nutrition certifications. She holds a Master of Health Science with a certificate in a Survey of Gerontology from Armstrong Atlantic State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services & Public Health from Mercer University.



I’ve been a Hilton Head Local since 1993, and a coach for just as long.

Over the years, I’ve continually learned & evolved my own health practices to support me to stay fit, healthy, happy, active and loving life!

The one thing I’ve found through it all, is what makes Active Life Special & Effective - and you’ll have to come in for a free intro, to experience what it means for yourself.

Age really is just a number. There is no “over the hill”.

Here, we specialize in helping people just like you rediscover their health and happiness to look the best and feel the best they have in years.

The Only Gym On Hilton Head to Focus On the 40+ Community

Reaching your goals without ever feeling like the old person in the gym.

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