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Who Are We

The only gym in Hilton Head focussed on the 40+ community.

Reach your goals without ever feeling like the old person in the gym.

How It Started

So why Active Life Hilton Head? I’m currently 47 years old, and it took me a good minute to realize that my age is already something that some people may think may put me over the hill when it comes to performance, activity, and maintenance. I also asked myself how different things could be if I didn’t do what I’m doing now when it comes to maintaining my active lifestyle. I told myself I needed to change some things because Father Time has proven to be unbeatable, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t push back against Father Time a bit, am I right? Best thing we can do is enjoy where we are, know we’re in a good place, and be able to use our time wisely.

I created some new habits, changed some parts of my lifestyle, and I understand now what it is that we need as we head towards what others might think as our middle ages. Going to the gym everyday isn’t an option anymore and isn’t the right way to do things. What I realized was that it was a way to failure and injury because all we do with that is chasing the high of fitness without really being properly fit to do what’s needed outside of the gym. The strength that we need now is the same premise as what we needed when we were younger, but how are we going to get there? Who’s gonna help us? With my experience and with what I’ve learned over the past years, I decided that, hey, it’s time for me to step up, do my part, and be the catalyst for this kind of change.

Why We Do It

Because we want to share what we have learned with you!

If you haven't gone through something yourself, it's challenging to teach it to others. Our coaches have been through it. From alcoholism, obesity, self doubt, and all the things you go through....and more, we have gone through it ourselves. We are no spring chicks and we are proud of it!

  • We LOVE IT!
  • Everybody Wins
  • There is No Better Way to Live Then helping Others

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