Transforming Fear into Freedom: Tips to Advocate for Yourself with Tenacity

In a world full of challenges and uncertainties, advocating for oneself can be a daunting task.

Who this is for?

Perimenopause Symptoms: Women grappling with common perimenopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and more.

Emotional Overwhelm: Those who feel overwhelmed, lost, or undervalued during this phase of life.

Imposter Syndrome: Individuals who experience "Imposter Syndrome" in their professional lives, often undervaluing their own achievements.

Who it's not for?

Men: Your program is explicitly designed for middle-aged women, so it's not suitable for men.

Individuals Outside the Age Range: Those who are significantly younger or older than the specified age range (35 to 55) may not find your program directly relevant.

People Not Experiencing Perimenopause: Individuals who are not currently going through perimenopause and its associated symptoms.

About me

Hello, I'm Jane doe, a Wellness and Empowerment Coach with a special focus on supporting women aged 35-55 who are navigating significant life transitions, such as perimenopause.

My journey began in Poland, where I spent my formative years amidst a backdrop of love and challenges - a nurturing mother's care alongside the hardships of domestic violence and alcoholism from my father. But those early trials didn't deter me from pursuing my dreams. At 22, I took a leap of faith and relocated to the UK to chase my aspirations. Life there was a blissful chapter until a tragic car accident left my older brother in a vegetative state. For five years, my family and I grappled with this life-altering event.

Then, another devastating blow struck when my mum, a breast cancer survivor of three years, passed away just 13 days after my second child was born. It was a profound test of strength, but I chose not to give up.

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