Managing Social Media Can Be A Nightmare...

Social Media Management

Manage and schedule all your social media posts from one place, across the social channels your customers frequent. Even respond back to customers directly from a single inbox.

Gain More Time • Tame Your Social Media

Choosing which Social Media to post to is like throwing blindfolded at a dartboard.

So why not make your life easier by managing all your social media from one easy to use dashboard, where you can also see the performance metrics? Work smarter. Not harder.

Unified Inbox - For All Your Socials

Manage all your social media messages from one single inbox. No matter the channel customers reach out to you, all can be accessed from your Social Media dashboard. Allowing you to build stronger customer relationships. Win!

Whatever Your Social Channel(s).

Who are we to tell you wish social media channel to use (Although it should be the channel that your customers are on, as otherwise whats the point!) - TikTok, Instagram, Facebook - Even Google Business! Manage them all today!

Grow Your Audience (And Posts!)

Frequency is key to social media. With scheduling ability to all* your socials, you can grow your audiences with ease. Tailor the posts to each platform without the need for a team of social media hipsters drinking cinnamon lattes. Although they are surprisingly refreshing!

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Looking for a done 'for you' service?

Focus On Your Business Not The Process

You Now You Kneed To Get A ROI From Your Marketing.

Let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll build your funnel pages or website and integrate in all the clever stuff.

You get our high standards, leveraging business best practice - Giving your customers beautiful and easy-to-read pages that convert.

Furthermore, you get our leading (we think it is anyway) guarantee. We guarantee you improved results. But if you are not happy for whatever reason, you'll get a full refund on the work we've done. Plus if you want to keep using it you can.

Social Media Doesn't Have To Consume Every Waking Hour...

Unless you are a social media agency, running social media can easily become a burden from engaging with audiences to creating great content, it can be hard to focus on anything else - such as running your business. Be kind to yourself and use tools to make it manageable. Get some offline time, to recharge and spend time on those that really matter



No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Social Media - Frequently Asked Questions

What Social Media Platforms Are Supported?

You can schedule to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram Posts, Instagram Reels, LinkedIn and Google Business.

How Far In Advance Can I Schedule My Posts?

With One Step Towards you can schedule for months in advance, allowing you to bulk schedule your posts and then get on with the things that really matter.

Can I Manage And Respond To Comments Or Messages?

With the unified inbox you can respond to all your messages in one place.

Can I Track The Performance Of My Posts And See Engagement Metrics?

Due to rules from the various social channels, the information available is whether the post is scheduled, when it posted and a link to the post on the social channel.

You can also see a calendar view of your scheduled posts.

Can Multiple Members Handle Team Collaboration?

Within your account you can create multiple users and allow them to schedule your social media. You can even set approval processes so that all posts are approved prior to being published. Streamline your processes, not your headaches.

Sometimes you just need to reach out.

We understand sometime you just need to speak to an expert. We are based in Aotearoa, New Zealand and work in that time zone (although ever expanding) If you are an existing member be sure to reach out via your account panel. We believe in focusing on helping our existing clients first, so this is the quickest way to here from us. Whatever you may wish to chat about, simply fill in the form - and we look forward to chatting!

Want to connect?

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Start learning today!

Here at One Step Towards, we also offer a variety of training and marketing courses to help Entrepreneurs Like You Grow. These are not courses selling you on our solution, but practical marketing insights and step by step support to help you regardless of the platform that you use.

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