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A/B Testing - Refine Your Message

Split Test your landing page, colour scheme or copy. Even your email sequences.

Test. Refine. Optimise. See what works for your customers.

What Is A/B Testing and How Does It Help?

A good campaign can always be better. With A/B Split testing you can tweak all aspects of your message and test it live with traffic being sent to both automatically! See the results in your dashboard so you can optimise, refine and increase sales.

Which Variation Increases Sales?

Testing in real time is a great way to understand what works (or not), and takes out the guesswork. Change the copy, the images, the calls to action or even the colours.

Improve Leads, Conversions & Sales

A/B Split testing is about growing your pie. Whether that's leads, conversions or sales. No extra software needed. We understand that every dollar spent needs to bring a return.

What Do Your Clients Really Want?

We all need to know more about our clients to serve them better. Split testing allows you to trial different offers, up-sells & down-sells. Even test out different pricing with ease.

Start split testing your marketing efforts. Without the need for plugins and 'techy stuff'.

Large Call to Action Headline

Large Call to Action Headline

You Know You Need A Funnel. You Now You Kneed To Get A ROI From Your Marketing.

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A/B Split Testing is about refining your message...

Built for modern day marketing One Step Towards helps entrepreneurs like you grow. With A/B Split Testing you can refine your marketing message with small incremental tweaks so that you can maximise your marketing spend. Each small tweak can have significant impact on your ROI. Our platfrom makes split testing funnels easier than ever before.

Some say data is the new oil. We believe it is trust.

Adam Worley

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A/B Split Testing - Frequently Asked Questions

What’s A/B Split Testing, and Why’s Everyone Doing It? 🤷

Imagine trying on two fab dresses and asking your bestie which one looks cooler! 👗 A/B split testing in the marketing world is kinda like that. You create two versions (A and B) of something (in this case a funnel), show them to different people, and see which one gets more love (better results and sales)!

What Can I Test with A/B Split Testing? 🧪

Think of A/B testing as your playground! 🎉 You can test almost anything: from email subject lines, funnel headlines, images, call-to-action buttons, or even different colors! The goal is to discover which tiny (or big) tweaks can make your content even more exciting for your audience! Top Tip: Make SMALL, incremental changes.

How Do I Decide What to Test First? 🎯

Look at your analytics and funnels and see where you might be losing leads. Pick an element, from changing the wording on a call to action button, through to differing images that you believe if improved, could sprinkle some extra magic on your results! With One Step Towards you can easily run A/B testing in tandem, so you can easily see what results work best. Just remember to keep one version unchanged whilst you test. This is often called a control funnel.

How Long Should I Run My A/B Test For? ⏳

Give your A/B split testing enough time, so you can gather fab insights! 🧐 A typical A/B test might run for a few weeks, but it really depends on how much traffic you have and how quickly you get enough data to make confident decisions. Ensure each version gets a good amount of views before deciding which one’s the star!

What Do I Do with My A/B Testing Results? 📊

Optimise! 🎉 Dive into the results, see which version (A or B) shone brighter, and explore why. The cool part? Use those learnings to polish up your content and make it even more lovable and effective for your audience! And remember, learning from both the hits and misses is the secret sauce! Once you know what works, you can then continue A/B split testing over other aspects of your funnel. It is a never-ending process of small incremental tweaks to gain even greater ROI (return on investment) from your advertising dollars.

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