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Ready to step up and be accountable in your business?

Our Business Advisors are ready to help

  • Find the gaps in your business and support you to close them
  • Business planning including Marketing and Sales strategies
  • Accountability and full support to create more leads and convert more sales

Business planning is key to moving your business forward

If you're going to work each day with no clear plan and direction and crossing your fingers you'll make a sale then it's time to invest in your business and get help with your business planning, marketing, structure and sales.

As Certified Business Advisors we can help you with your business and goals uncover opportunities, create a plan and help move your business in the right direction.

Talk to us to see if your business is eligible for Regional Business Partners Government Funding. As a provider we can offer our advice under the Capability Grant or Tourism Funding.

Our programmes and training are designed to help your business grow

Over 60,000 customers across 55 countries use Maus' award winning software which has been around for over 25 years. As your Business Advisor we become part of your team. Our initial discovery meeting will identify areas that you need help in and set you up with a programme using the Maus Software.

Our role is to work with you to prioritise the obstacles you have identified and work with you to achieve your goals

What is the role of a Business Advisor and how we can help?

Our clients come to us when they have no clear vision and need help with areas of their business like setting goals, competitor anayslis, SWOT analysis, marketing segmentation, strategic planning and an overall look at their business to see what could be missing.

Bottom line is if you're not getting leads, or are, but not converting them then it's our job as your business advisor to help with any or all of the following:

  • develop and implement strategic plans
  • problem solve and find solutions
  • recommend change when needed and implement accountability and structure

  • help set priorities
  • help make good decisions
  • help with projects you haven't had the time to complete

Implementing the business strategy

Most businesses need to make some changes - small or large. If, during your discovery meeting, we find you need more leads, then SME Marketing and Sales Agency will work out a digital strategy to help. We have years of experience in digital marketing and have formed relationships with many digital agencies local and nationally to work with us to implement your plan.

If your systems are letting you down then we can find a solution to suit and can talk with other people in your industry or IT specialists to come up with the best result and our team can help you set them up and train.

SWOT analysis and Competitor Analysis

Businesses who are successful are always looking at their strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Most know their competitors but have no idea what they are really up to.

As part of your business planning with us, we can either show you how to complete a competitor analysis or we can complete this for you. Market research should be done every year, as a minimum, to ensure you're not missing out on trends that other businesses are promoting. Their website is a sure tell sign if they're providing more services or promising more value. As part of your digital strategy we can analyse their information and find gaps you have in your marketing.

For a full business advisory package or talk to us about areas you want to improve.

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