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Get more leads with a web marketing strategy prepared by Google specialists.

  • Digital Strategy to ensure you're getting the most from your digital marketing
  • Benefit from being educated in the proven methods for Google rankings
  • Implementation of your digital strategy or we work with you to do it yourself.

Want to learn more about digital marketing and how your website works?

Many businesses have a website but are unsure how Google works and how to get higher rankings and more leads. SME Marketing and Sales are Business Advisors that specialize in Digital marketing and can work out a digital strategy to help.

Google asks your website 200 questions and if your website isn't built with best practice in mind then Google will rank other websites, that follow their guidelines, above you. There is more to a website than pretty pictures.

From your business planning or digital strategy discovery we will assess if your goals are aligned with your website and supply you with the following

  • SEO Audit
  • Ranking Report for your business and that of your competitors
  • Keyword research to ensure you are including keywords that your customers are searching
  • Link building to improve your website’s reputation online.
  • Content creation & optimization
  • Digital Strategy report

Our strategies and training are designed to help your business gain more leads

Our strategy will provide you with an independent review of your current website giving you a clear picture of what help may be required to increase your rankings, website traffic and leads. From there you can decide what option, if any, you need.

Implementing your digital marketing strategy

Doing it yourself - If all the foundations are in place and you're tech savvy, the report will help guide you through the steps you can take to improve your online presence and we can monitor your results over the coming months.

We have over 100 SOPs (standard operating procedures) than can guide you through the digital marketing processes used in every business. From setting up an email, basic SEO through to how to set up a Google Ads Campaign. They are designed to help you at a basic level.

If you don't have the time or the staff, we can implement this for you.

Leaving it to the experts - As digital marketing strategists, we are independent but have partnered with the top Digital Marketing Companies to work with you to either improve your existing website rankings and leads with SEO or Google Ads or build a good foundation from scratch with a brand new website. Our strategies are designed not to be set and forget. We work with you and your preferred marketing company to ensure that your marketing is aligned with your business plan as your grow.

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