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Having the right Software and Systems to convert your leads into Sales

  • Save time and money by finding the right systems for your business
  • Incorporate all your sales and marketing software tools into one system
  • From Social Media, Ads, Sales Funnels & Websites to CRM, SMS Messaging, Email Marketing and more...

All-In-One Sales & Marketing Tool that helps to generate more leads and close deals faster

There’s a lot that goes into running a business, but you shouldn't have to worry about:

  • Email or SMS marketing for converting your leads
  • Keeping track of new leads & where they are in your sales process
  • Communicating with your clients
  • Subscribing to several different marketing & sales software

We can help you find the right solution for you to generate leads and nurture them into sales. Add up all the tools you're currently paying for and we can set you up with automated software for free!

Setting up processes to help with your marketing and sales

As every business is different, SME Marketing and Sales Advisors will find out more about your business and the systems you have in place, from how you track your leads starting with the first point of contact to the sale. A lot of businesses still have the old paper method or have the email in their inbox to "get back to when I get a chance". Putting processes in place quick and easy and you could be bringing in sales in a short amount of time. What's your average sale value? Times that by how many are still in your email unanswered and that's how much revenue you may have lost this month?

It's our job as your Business Advisor to put processes in place and we can help with any or all of the following:

  • Analyse your current systems
  • CRM Software to keep your leads on track
  • Automated emails to new leads
  • Email tracking to see who opens your emails
  • Reputation Management to increase your Google My Business Lisitng
  • Training
  • Follow up meetings to see how you're tracking

We've Partnered With NZ's only All-In-One Sales and Marketing system - SMEDiGi

With over 15 tools in one we can boast to be the first Business Advisors in New Zealand to be using NZ's first All-In-One sales and marketing software to help our clients reach their goals faster.

7 Reasons You Should Find Out More

Websites / Funnels

Easy to build, responsive websites / Funnels that integrate with all your marketing tools.

Get rid of WIX and Squarespace our system is on steroids. Free webchat automated to create a lead. All you need to do is add your domain and you're live!!

Social Media Management

With your own Social Media dashboard, you can connect your Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram and LinkedIn to one easy-to use interface. Schedule content for your social media channels and change with an easy drag and drop calendar


Manage all the deals and projects in your pipeline from end to finish. Customize stages, assign multiple team members so you can work smarter not harder! Upload files & set deadlines with this easy-to use tool that will save time on every project

Calendar Scheduling

Book appointments with ease!

Scheduling is a great way to book appointments of any kind. Simply set your availability on the calendar and then allow our automated tools to start filling your calendar.

Email Marketing

Want to grow your sales? Nurture leads, customers and more with the right email marketing? Send a targeted campaign that will have an impact on those purchases today by getting started now!

Reputation Management

Get all of your ratings and reviews in one place, so that you can respond quickly to make a lasting impression. Track how they grow over time with ease- we're here for every step!

Following up

Completing follow up calls or meetings

Turning your customer into your best referrer


Fully integrated campaigns....

Our Software seamlessly integrates with your website, social media and the rest of your platform to provide all-in-one marketing for your forms, payments, bookings and more. After your sale you can send an email asking to your clients asking for a review without ever lifting a finger! There is So much more the system can offer.

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