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Every parent desires to give their children the best possible beginning in life. To achieve this aspiration, parents should consider exploring the SmartStart plan provided by Dockins Agency. This comprehensive program empowers your child with early savings for their college education, the down payment on their first home, and even their retirement, all while ensuring the safeguard of life insurance.

The SmartStart plan serves as a reliable means to allocate funds, safeguarding your child's future and securing their insurability, regardless of unforeseen circumstances. With the SmartStart life insurance policy, your child receives both insurance coverage and a cash value savings component, laying a solid foundation for their future.

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Saving money for your child's future can be a challenging task, but SmartStart strives to simplify the process.

SmartStart goes beyond addressing education expenses.

In addition to assisting with college costs, the accessible cash value can be utilized at any stage of your child's life. Whether they need funds for a home down payment or choose to create a retirement income stream in the future, the SmartStart policy remains flexible and accommodating, offering a wide range of financial possibilities.

How Does the

SmartStart Plan Work?

When you begin allocating a modest sum of money on a monthly or quarterly basis from an early age, you empower your child to build a reserve for future necessities while also acquiring valuable insurance coverage.

A fraction of your premium payment is dedicated to covering the expenses of life insurance.

The remaining portion contributes to the growth of the policy's cash value, which accumulates and increases without incurring any taxes along the way.

Let's Discuss Saving for Your Child's Future

SmartStart is a smart choice for your child;
Dockins Agency is a smart choice for you.

Some insurance organizations and professionals are simply trying to sell you proprietary insurance products to earn commissions. At Dockins Agency, we don't believe there are any one-size-fits-all solutions, and we don't sell our own products. Instead, we take the time to understand your financial situation, your goals for the future and your budget to help you find a policy that is a perfect fit.

We are committed to helping you find insurance solutions that meet your goals, your needs and your bottom line, and we can shop more than a dozen carriers for you to make that happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the advantages of the SmartStart plan?

The SmartStart program garners immense client satisfaction for multiple compelling reasons. Firstly, this plan provides a safeguard for your child's future insurability, regardless of any potential medical issues that may arise. This grants your child's family the invaluable peace of mind, knowing that death benefits are accessible in the event of unfortunate circumstances.

Moreover, SmartStart extends beyond being a mere life insurance plan. The cash value component of the policy accumulates tax-free, presenting a significant advantage. What's more, the potential earnings on these savings generally surpass those offered by banks or other guaranteed financial instruments. The growth of the policy is linked to the performance of various indexes, offering upside potential while mitigating market risks and preserving your principal. This unique feature allows your funds to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It is important to note that the accumulated cash value can be utilized by your child for any purpose as they navigate adulthood. These funds can support their educational expenses, facilitate the establishment of a business, aid in purchasing a home, financing a wedding, and even contribute to their retirement expenses.

Q: Can I afford SmartStart?

The affordability of premium payments for life insurance on a healthy child may come as a pleasant surprise when you apply.

The extra portion of your regular payments is strategically allocated to foster the tax-free growth of the policy's cash value, which can be withdrawn by your child for future needs. SmartStart policies are intentionally designed to offer flexibility, ensuring they align with your savings objectives and budgetary considerations.

Q: Do I qualify for SmartStart?

The SmartStart plan is first and foremost a life insurance product, covering your child's life.

So, qualification decisions are based on your child's health at the time you apply for coverage for them. Generally speaking, most children qualify for the SmartStart plan through Dockins Agency.

Q: When should I buy SmartStart?

The ideal moment to initiate the SmartStart program for your child is now, as the cost of the insurance component increases as your child grows older.

Moreover, commencing the program earlier ensures that the allocated funds, represented by the cash value component of the policy, have more time to accumulate and expand. Harnessing the power of time through the SmartStart plan can lead to remarkable outcomes. While the returns are linked to market performance and cannot be precisely guaranteed, the potential for substantial growth within the SmartStart life insurance policy sets the stage for providing your child with the well-deserved head start they need.

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